Guardian prejudice aside, Israel is helping Bedouins – The Commentator

Some of the usual suspects in the politically correct British company of Israel-bashers are at it again. This time, fifty public figures signed a letter in The Guardian on November 29, 2013 demanding that the British government protest what the letter called \”forced displacement of Bedouin Palestinians\” by Israel.

Not only should these automatic critics be ashamed of themselves for their insufferable ignorance and arrogance, but they are also espousing a politically reactionary, not progressive, point of view.

The letter was signed by \”experts\” on people, law, and conditions in the Negev in Israel, such as the actress Julie Christie, the film-makers Mike Leigh and Ken Loach, and members of Parliament, including Jeremy Corbyn and Lady Jenny Tonge.

Many of the signers have long exhibited their acute criticism or hostility on many occasions, having signed statements about alleged violations of something or other by Israel. It is less clear their \”expertise\” extends to mastery of the intricacies of Ottoman Land Law in the Middle East.


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United States Secretary of State Kerry returned to Israel for another shot at pushing the peace process forward or to at least appear to be doing so. At Secretary Kerry’s side was General John Allen whose assignment was to add gravitas to the presentation of how the latest American proposals will address all of Israeli security concerns. General Allen was reputed to have been working with aides from numerous branches within the American government in order to fulfill, as Secretary Kerry claimed speaking at the Brookings Institution’s Saban Forum, “He is helping us make sure that the border on the Jordan River will be as strong as any in the world, so that there will be no question about the security of the citizens, Israelis and Palestinians, living to the west of it.” Kerry further noted, “Never before has the United States conducted such an in-depth analysis of Israel’s security…

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