Showy, Snowy Art – Amazing Snow Sculptures!

Art has an endless amount of faces. It is as varied as the human condition, and so we as humans find ways to make art out of practically anything we can. Snow, however, has been used to create art for centruries. From snowmen with carrots as noses to these amazing marvels of sculpting you see before you.


The House of Your Dreams May Really Exist!

You are where you live, or so they say. If that saying is true, then the people living in these houses must be spectacular! Take a peak into some of the world\’s most incredible homes and maybe you will be inspired to build the house of your dreams!


Has Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger exposed names of thousands of GCHQ personnel?

Cross posted by former MP Louise Mensch

Journalists have asked me on Twitter if I really want to see Alan Rusbridger arrested. Yes, I do; and here’s why.

It was always incredibly bad that he had exposed British intelligence agents to foreigners, willfully, having admitted that doing so would expose them. My prior blog below shows how he redacted all their names from the files he FedExed to ProPublica but then decided he couldn’t be arsed on the 25,000 files he sent unredacted to the NYT and Glenn Greenwald.

A comment was left on that last blog that I have to reproduce. It shows that every agent exposed by Rusbridger has had their career ruined for the duration of it; none of them can ever work in the field again. Furthermore, the writer makes the compelling case that the NSA-GCHQ wiki, which the New York Times published extracts from, and…

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These 10 People Made the World a Better Place. More People Should Know their Names



There are countless unsung heroes throughout history that are deserving of greater recognition and appreciation. This post strives to shed light on ten such remarkable individuals who have impacted the world. If you have suggestions for other notable persons, please let me know in the comments so I can do a follow-up post and we can continue to exalt these inspirational people and celebrate and share their incredible stories.


1. Niels Bohlin
Inventor of the Three-Point Seatbelt



On July 10, 1962, the US Patent Office issued Swedish engineer Nils Bohlin (July 17, 1920 – Sept. 26, 2002) a patent for the three-point seatbelt. Bolin worked for the Volvo Car Corporation and designed his three-point system in less than a year. Volvo first introduced the seatbelt on its cars in 1959. Consisting of two straps that joined at the hip level and…

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Poppycock cannibals in murder-spree terror

The Slog


Mayor Norris Nautilust today put the leaders of the Burntfridge investigation to the sword, issuing an edict forbidding ‘any future invention of ridiculous sexual deviations that might ensnare harmless gardeners who employ child labour’. He added that the vitally important City traders in Mendacium justifiably feel they are above the law, but only a pervert would want to stick his cock in a poppy, and as there are no perverts at all anywhere in Mendacium, it was only right to ban the spreading of false rumours.

Late flash: Mayor Nautilust is to sue the German Government for bomb damage to Grade I & II listed Mendacium buildings relating to the period 1940-41, only seven of which once belonged to his family.


Conservative Peer for the Knightsbridge region Lady Penelope Farquit-Branede’ath offered practical help for…

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Blind Dog Lilly and her partner Madison : Tale of Happiness and Sadness


The Happy Days at the Pet Adoption Center


When the Great Dane Lily lost her sight, her future seemed equally dark and bleak. However, no one would have expected that her partner Madison would quickly took on the task of “Guide Dog for a Blind Dog.” As long as Madison was by her side, Lily looks like any other normal dog. 

Lily turned 6 on 2011, Due to un-repairable damages from Trichiasis during her cub years, she has had to continue living relying on others for guidance, and this was when 7 years old Madison became her assistant. 


Manager at the adoption center, Louise Campbell commented, “Even though Madison has never had official training, when she guides Lily, it’s as if she’s a professional guide dog for the blind. Madison will always stay close to Lily and constantly have body contact with her so she knows where to go.” Campbell…

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“Kerry’s Plan to Invest $4 Billion in Palestinian Economy is Nonsense”

Palestinian businessmen planning to invest in the West Bank economy have once again been reminded of the challenges facing anyone who wants to do business with the Palestinian Authority.

One of the businessmen, Mohamed Al Sabawi, a Canadian investor of Palestinian origin, was this week arrested by Palestinian Authority policemen in Ramallah after publicly criticizing Mahmoud Abbas.

Al Sabawi, 68, is Director-General of the Ahlia Insurance Group, a firm that employs hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank. His arrest is seen as part of a campaign by the Palestinian Authority to intimidate and extort money from prominent and wealthy businessmen who seek to help strengthen the Palestinian economy.

Palestinian Authority policemen raided Al Sabawi\’s office and arrested him on suspicion that he had called on Palestinians to topple Abbas.


Helping A Hospital Patient

Good Samaritans helping one hospital patient in a wheelchair end up making matters worse for another patient. Most people would go out of their way to help a a hospital patient so their looks are priceless as they realize the damage they have caused to another patient with recovering from multiple injuries Another funny skit from the folks at Just For Laughs Gags filmed in Quebec.