How To: Turn Your Smartphone Into a Projector!

Smartphones can do amazing things, and one of the best things about them is that they can play videos, whether from youtube or from files you\’ve transferred to them. The only problem with that is the small screen size, that makes it uncomfortable to watch anything for more than a few minutes.

And what happens when you want to show a special clip or video you took to a group of other people? It\’s not fun to huddle and squint. For that reason, we bring you this simple DIY project anyone can make, and it\’ll turn your ordinary smartphone to a real life projector!


Family That Rides Together. . . . . .



This is a picture of the way it is . . . . roads in a country with 1.3 billion people travelling together.  In fact, this looks like an intersection we passed often on the way to and from Alpha One Mall in Ahmedabad.  I had a lovely India comment thanking me earlier in my blogging, that I didn’t dwell on Indian traffic and driving.  Lots of tourists write on all things roads in India. I don’t think it is possible for Indian people to understands how startling this is to the prior  western  experience. 06scooters1

This family is on the way to school. Notice that Dad has on a helmet.  This family is doing well to afford the scooter. This gives them much more freedom to navigate such huge cities. Remember when I posted the list of 50 + cities in India with at least 1,000,000 souls in residence?



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‘Arafat is still dead’: Guardian ‘mentions’ French report that he was NOT poisoned

“Our top story tonight: Generallissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.” – Saturday Night Live (Season 1, Episode 7)

Yasser Arafat has been dead for nine years, but attempts to resuscitate old libels suggesting that he was murdered by Israel will likely continue to periodically grace the pages of the Guardian – at least as long as someone, somewhere, claims to have new, previously unrevealed evidence.  

On November 6, the Guardian devoted five separate articles (hereherehere, here andhere) encompassing over 3200 words to a ‘stunning’ new report by Swiss scientists on their autopsy of Arafat’s remains.  (Details of the Swiss report were originally obtained by the Guardian’s ideological ‘sister-site’ Al-Jazeera.)

Whilst the story, alleging that the late Palestinian leader was likely poisoned byradioactive polonium, was the lead story on the Guardian’s home page for several hours the day the story broke, the…

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Indian Navy Day : A Question to the INDIAN NAVY! : Worth 100s of lives!


Indian Navy

Its Indian Navy Day today December 3rd. Our sincere Thanks and Gratitude for the Indian Navy and their services is always there. Long time I do have a question to ask to the Indian Navy!

In South India, especially Tamil fishermen are being captured and killed by the Sri Lankan Navy over a decade, (Registered Statistics say 100+ are killed till 2013) and it has become so routine here to hear the news on TV and papers. 100s of fishermen are killed and their boats are damaged. Reasons are given as they are crossing the border!


There had been 167 incidents of shooting on Indian fishermen by the Sri Lankan navy between the years 1991 and 2011. As many as 85 fishermen had been killed and 180 injured in these incidents which took place within the Indian waters.

As per a report that 746 fishermen had been apprehended by the Lankan naval…

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The Worst Day to Be Hilarious: Wedding Bloopers!

We make so many efforts for our weddings, hoping that everything goes without a hitch, but life being life, sometimes there are little moments you just can\’t control. All you can do is just laugh it off and make a funny memory to tell your kids about one day. Enjoy this hilarious collection of \’oops\’ moments at weddings.


BBC amplifies Hizballah propaganda yet again

BBC Watch

Late on the night of Tuesday December 3rd a senior Hizballah operative named Hassan Lakkis (also Laqis) was allegedly shot outside his home in Beirut and later died of his wounds. By Wednesday lunchtime local time, a Lebanese Sunni group had taken responsibility for the incident. 

“The Free Sunnis of Baalbek Battalion officially claims the heroic jihadist operation of assassinating the leading member in the party of the devil [Hezbollah] Hassan Houlo al-Laqis in [Hezbollah’s] home ground,” the group wrote on twitter.

“The jihadist operation was implemented by free Sunni lions from Lebanon,” another tweet wrote.

Now Lebanon tweet

The BBC News website’s coverage of the story began on Wednesday morning and has since undergone extensive changes. From the first version of the article, however, one of its dominant themes was the repetition of unfounded Hizballah accusations concerning Israel’s involvement in the attack, despite the BBC clearly being aware of the…

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