How Yodeling Started !!

Have you ever wondered where and how yodeling began?

Many years ago a man was traveling through the mountains of Switzerland.

1Nightfall was rapidly approaching, and he had nowhere to sleep.

 He went up to a farmhouse and asked the farmer if he could spend the night.

The farmer told him that he could sleep in the barn.

2As the story goes, the farmer’s daughter asked her father, “Who is that man going into the barn?”  

“That fellow is traveling through,” said the farmer. “he needs a place to stay for the night, so, I told him he could sleep in the barn.”

The daughter said, “Perhaps he is hungry.” So she prepared him a plate of food for him and then took it out to the barn.

About an hour later, the daughter returned. Her clothing disheveled and straw in her hair. Straight up to bed she went.

3The farmer’s wife was very observant. She then suggested that perhaps the man was thirsty. So she fetched a bottle of wine, took it out to the Barn and she too did not return for an hour.   

When she returned her clothing was askew, and her blouse was buttoned incorrectly.

She also headed straight to bed.

4 The next morning at sunrise the man in the barn got up and continued on his journey, waving to the farmer as he left.   

When the daughter awoke and learned that the visitor was gone, she broke into tears. “How could he leave without even saying goodbye,” she cried. “We made such passionate love last night!”

“What?” shouted the father as he angrily ran out of the house looking for the man, who by now was halfway up the mountain.   

The farmer screamed up at him, “I’m going to get you, you bastard! You had sex with my daughter last night!”

The man looked back down from the mountainside, cupped his hand next to his mouth, and yelled out…..


How Exposed Is Your Personal Info?

How Your Info Is Exposed through Social Media

With the rise of facebook, twitter, instagram and countless other social media services, many people are less than aware of the amount of personal information they share with the world… and with strangers. In this amusing video, we are shown how easy it is to find out your details and begin a conversation with you based on those details you \’somehow\’ know. Besides being a funny video, this is also a warning – you may think you are staying private, but you might be letting on a lot more than you think!


Chloé Valdary: ‘Israel is the great cause of our time’ (Video)

As the Algemeiner wrote about the inclusion of Chloé Valdary (the founder of CCAP-supported Allies for Israel at the University of New Orleans) in their annual Jewish 100: She’s young, black, Christian and southern, and is one of the most articulate pro-Israel advocates around.

The following video was created and presented by Valdary, who recently launched a project entitled,“Once And For All,” which aims to combat antisemitism through film and other mixed media.

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How well I remember the wonderful smells of childhood.  The fresh air (even in New York City) after a spring rainfall; the refreshing scent of freshly-mown grass (the kind that covered the ground on lawns and in parks); but most of all, the marvelous aromas that came from the kitchen as Mom and Grandma worked to put out Thanksgiving dinner.

I remember the hours of anticipation as the smell of the Thanksgiving bird filled the apartment, heightened in intensity when the oven door was opened and Grandma lovingly basted it.  How my stomach would growl in anticipation and I could feel the saliva running in my mouth as I anticipated biting into this very special family dinner.

But at my hungriest, I never came near the intensity of the rant which occurred at a McDonald’s.  A friend was kind enough to forward this to me.  The link is to a…

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