The Animal Kingdom has Been Folded!

Brilliant Origami Animal Sculptures

It seems that many members of the animal kingdom have been turned to paper and folded. We can only curse the evil genius who made these brilliant origami animals, and has apparently trapped the animals in this, although fetching, sheet-like form. Oh well, we might as well enjoy these stunning, clever and creative origami sculptures!


Malawi Trip – Day 15

Neverland Adventurers

We were awake early again and I saw a glimmer of sun shining through the reed walls of the room onto the mosquito net. I took my camera and walked the white sandy pathway to the beach where the sand is so fine that it squeaks beneath your feet. We packed up our bags as we were being moved to another room as other guests were having a “moment” about their chalet being too far to walk to and were now taking ours instead but we sort of bloom where we’re planted so no skin off our noses. They set up a scrumptious breakfast out on the deck at the main beach and we chatted to Kristina who helps run the lodge with her boyfriend Malcolm and asked her questions for our article as the fish eagles flew by. After breakfast we went for a snorkel in the tropical aqua…

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Just 10 mins, 6 Meaningful Ads, NO SMOKING – Share this!


Just 10 mins, 6 Meaningful Ads to Think why we are concerned.

NO SMOKING – Can be a message to you if you smoke, or you can pass to your friends. May be he/she or friends of friends may smoke. This is not just a help, You can save many lives. Share this playlist with your friends and family.


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Picture of the Day: Make Music Not War






Photograph by Mikhail Evstafiev


In this powerful photograph by Mikhail Evstafiev, we see musician Vedran Smailović, known as the Cellist of Sarajevo. The photo was taken in 1992 during the Siege of Sarajevo/Bosnian War.

Smailović, who often played for free at different funerals during the siege despite the fact that funerals were often targeted by Serb forces, is seen here playing in the destroyed National Library. On 25 August 1992, Serbian shelling caused the destruction of the library; among the losses were about 700 manuscripts and incunabula and a collection of Bosnian serial publications, some from the middle of the 19th century Bosnian cultural revival. Before the attack, the library held 1.5 million volumes and over 155,000 rare books and manuscripts. [Source]

Smailović played for the Sarajevo Opera, the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Symphony…

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