Father Again at 96!

Ramjeet Raghav, an Indian farmer, is a father for the second time at age 96, making him the world\’s oldest recorded father! This is his second child, after his first son was born just 2 years ago, when he was still in the tender age of 94. His wife, Shakuntala, is 54, quite an advanced age for pregnancy. Mr. Raghav says the children are God’s will, and that he had been praying for them. He says it is also God’s will that he is able to have sex three or four times every night.

What\’s his secret? Ramjeet swears a daily diet of almonds, butter and milk is what gives him his sexual prowess and his slow aging. We must say, looking at these photos, that Mr Raghav looks like he has many more years before him, would you ever guess he was 96??


A Single Thread Wrapped Around Thousands of Nails



Kumi Yamashita, whose mind-blowing shadow artworks have been featured before, uses a single, unbroken thread wrapped around thousands of nails to create stunning portraits of women and men.

In the ongoing series entitled Constellation (a nod to the Greek tradition of tracing mythical figures in the sky), the Japanese artist (living and working in New York) uses three simple materials to produce these otherworldly works of art.

Mana, the first artwork featured below, was recently selected as one of 50 finalists for the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, a triennial event being held at the Smithsonian Museum’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Yamashita’s artwork was selected from over 3,000 entires and is on display at the National Portrait Gallery until February 23, 2014.

For more, be sure to visit Kumi’s official website and Facebook page.


1. Mana, 2011
40h x 30w cm

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The horror of female genital mutilation (FGM)

Ban Islam

Women: Do You Have a Clitoris?

Women: Do You Have a Clitoris?

Well… If you live in Britain.. you may not for long.


Because Muslim Men do not believe you should have one.

There is a Movement in Britain now by Islamic Muslim Men to force ALL WOMEN in Britain to undergo MANDATORY REMOVAL of the female genitalia. (Clitorechtomy)

footnote: This movement has already begun in the United States, as well.

* This will not ONLY APPLY to muslim women… This will apply to ALL WOMEN !

This is a pamphlet put out by the supporters of Sharia Law (Islamic Law) in Britain which states that…

“…women have no need for their genitalia…” “…unless you are a whore”

Perhaps the women in Britain should start a movement for MANDATORY FORCED MALE PENILECHTOMIES for ALL MUSLIM MEN.

(Bukhari 5891 also Muslim 527)
Abu Hurayrah said: I heard the Prophet say: “The fitrah is five things –…

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At the End of the Day

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The plaque in the entrance hall said Lyme Regis Community Centre, and was dated 1994. Then it became ‘medical practice’, and five years ago it went online as ‘medical centre’. After years of practice, the GPs had finally earned the right to be a centre. Not necessarily of excellence though: on the whole, it became more of a business centre.

This was when we were all being told that GPs were really Alan Sugar with a stethoscope: hungry, hip-hop, tuned in, and ready to turn primary medicine into national chain groups offering everything from acupuncture and pilates to gym workouts and a diet-saints’ restaurant. But what happened in Lyme Regis was that the best doctor there got bogged down in strategic business planning, and then fell out with the others, who one day taped up his filing cabinets and escorted him from the premises.

It was all very exciting for…

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