Bernanke sticks to strategy, but opts for U-turn Lincoln beardlift reverse clock tactic.

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beardptcropIn a move clearly designed to steady market nerves this afternoon, US Fed Chairman Osama Ben Debtladen is expected to tell a Washington press conference that he intends to regulate all clocks going forward. From tomorrow at 4.00 am EST, all clocks will go backwards when a decision needs to be taken. “The problem currency dealers and central bankers face,” said Mr Burndollar, “is that with gold upside down, bond yields going down, and the currency watered down, they have been asking me to stop any chance of alternatives beyond their control from growing up in the future. I think that, on balance, this new Zero Instant Rates Passage (ZIRP) approach to the problem will remove any real and present danger by ensuring an ever-present present. Well, that and my fabulous new beardlift”.

UK-side Pondwise, in his never-ending fight to pay back £2.4 trillion of debt not including Off Balance-Sheet…

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Jerusalem Knights Back in Saddle for Old City Festival

The Real Jerusalem Streets

The Jerusalem Knights Festival is back again in the Old City.

Since attending the Jerusalem Knights first night,

I have tried to return each year to see what is new and different.

image Jerusalem Knights, photo people blowing horns, oto

These trumpets and trumpeters greeted visitors

as they approached the Walls of the Old City at the Jaffa Gate.

image inside Jaffa GAte

Upon entering  Jaffa Gate

image dancing girls, Jerusalem knights festival

the plaza was filled with dancing-girls and spectators.

image actor in medivial costume

Many actors were positioned along the route,

image actor in costume, photo old costume and cell phone. man using cell phone picture

but this gladiator with his cell phone has to be my favorite photo.

spider costume photo, image man dressed in costume.

Some costumes were unusual, 

image knights festival. photo stage

and others like these Medieval fashion show costumes

were hard to see, as crowds blocked the view of the stage.

Young children on shoulders have a distinct advantage at this event.

image walls Old City , photo fire, picture Old City walls night

However, this man with a lit torch on top of the walls was easy to see,

 everyone who looked up could see the fire show.

image clown, photo clown, picture jester in costume

Many performances, like this clown act and…

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The Boob Report – Waiting for Release

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

I want to go outside and play

Do you remember being grounded? You pressed your nose against the window and watched your neighborhood friends play. Time slowed. I’ve been out for seven months. My clock is full of spider webs and the windows need washing.

Looking back, much of it’s a blur. I can’t believe it’s November! I’m so far out of the loop, I’m orbiting another galaxy. Much of my social life revolves around tennis. Being sidelined since April has been isolating. Instead of organizing social events, I’ve focused on my health and writing since my double mastectomy in May. I’ve heard from a few people, but most have been sucked into the vortex of their own fast-paced lives. Mine has rolled along at the speed of a snail.

I’ve counted the weeks. At eight after my last reconstructive surgery, my doctor released me to running and biking. My first ride lasted ten minutes. I…

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Appreciate : A Man provides Lunch for 1 Rupee for the poor : Venkatraman


“One day a woman from a Government hospital came to buy idlis for Rs 10. Since there were no idlis that day, she went away disappointed. She didn’t have extra money to buy something else to feed her ailing husband. That’s when I realized that there are people who actually survive on only Rs 10 a day”

Venkatraman500 kilometers from Chennai, in the small town of Erode, is this restaurant, a lifeline to the poorest of the poor who come for treatment at the Erode Government Hospital. Shri AMV Homely Mess run by Venkatraman serves lunch for a token amount of one rupee to the attendants of the unfortunate patients admitted at the hospital.

Venkatraman, said, “One day a woman from a Government hospital came to buy idlis for Rs 10. Since there were no idlis that day, she went away disappointed. She didn’t have extra money to buy something else…

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