On Iran, cavernous tactical gaps separate Israel, US


On Iran, cavernous tactical gaps separate Israel, US | JPost | Israel News.


LAST UPDATED: 11/16/2013 18:14

While Jerusalem and Washington may be on the same page in wanting to prevent a nuclear Iran, suddenly they are not reading from the same book about how to get there.

Kerry and Netanyahu

Kerry and Netanyahu Photo: Reuters

On Sunday afternoon, in the midst of considerable disagreement with Washington over Iran policy and hours after the Geneva talks between Iran and the world powers ended without agreement, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took to the US airwaves to present Israel’s case to the American public.

“I think the president and I share the goal of making sure that Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said with tremendous understatement on CBS’s Face the Nation, referring to US President Barack Obama. “I think where we might have a difference of opinion is on how…

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Rwanda’s glorious Mountain Gorillas

Notes from Camelid Country

There is something emblematic about the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda. They have become cherished symbols of hope for a nation so recently torn apart by genocide – not to mention being significant earners of tourist dollars. In a small country with a rapidly growing population, where the pressure on land for agricultural is intense, the identification of the gorillas with the well-being of the nation may, ultimately, prove to be the thing that secures the future of the Mountain Gorilla.

There is a ceremony, made famous by the support it gets from the President of Rwanda and international celebrities, which celebrates newborn gorillas. The annual naming ceremony – giving names to baby gorillas – takes place in the foothills of the Volcanoes National Park and attracts a large national and international gathering. The ceremony serves to cement the fate of the gorilla with that of the nation, and has done…

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7 Easy Home Exercises to Keep You Healthy!

7 Easy Home Exercises to Keep You Healthy!

Modern living has made many things easier for us. Unforuatntely, it also has the side-effect of making our lives more sedentary and us – downright lazy. That is why it\’s more important than ever to work the body a little when we get the chance, whether we\’re at home or at work. A little use of muscles will keep your aches down, prevent muscular diseases and your chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases or blood clots.

We highly recommend taking the time to perform these 7 simple exercises, which can be done almost anywhere.


The Drifting Course from Hell – Incredible!

Car Drift Taken to New Levels!

From Ken Block and Need for Speed comes the Gymkhana Grid Course – a real life obstacle course and playground perfect to perform stunt driving and drifting with full power, speed and action-packed fun! In his For Fiesta ST rx2013 race car, Ken Block wizzes around with little effort, executing jumps, drifts and evasion while facing multiple video-game like challenges, and you can almost smell the rubber burning as he twists around. This is a must-see, so sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride!