Crocodiles–Some Facts

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During my Trip to Hogenakkal Falls,I happen to visit a Crocodile Farm which is around 1km from Hogenakkal Falls..

And My visit to this Farm I got to see the Crocodiles in some quite unusual positions which kept me thinking as What is the reason behind it..
One such Capture is as follows–

In the above picture as You can see all the Crocodiles have their mouth closed except one,Now that made me think whether it was a real or fake(My Knowledge on Animal behavior is really poor),as I kept looking at the Crocodile for good 10 minutes and still there was no movement,but a minute watch helped me to see the tongue of the Crocodile in motion and I came to know that it is a real one.. 😛

Now Why the Crocodile was in that position—The Reason(after little bit of Googling) was that in order to…

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United States Pulls Back in Mediterranean and Israeli MK Bennett’s Letter on Iranian Nuclear Talks

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The United States under the leadership of President Obama is currently recalling the Aircraft Carrier Nimitz from the Persian Gulf via the Mediterranean Sea and the Destroyer USS Graveley from the Mediterranean Sea as the Russians have displayed greater strength in the Mediterranean Sea sending “Varyag,” flagship of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, and “Pyotr Veliky” (“Peter the Great”), the nation’s most powerful nuclear-powered battleship into the area. The drawdown by the United States was called for as there was no longer a need for the extra naval presence as the crisis and potential for a strike on Syria has expired. The Nimitz had remained in the area well past her regular rotational time as a measure in case her airpower were to be necessary for any missions against Syria over their use of chemical weapons. There will be some who will refer to the pulling of these two very powerful ships…

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The 300 Year Old Robot – Astonishing!

Robots existed a long time before today. Even though we think they were only born in the 20th century, the first were actually created even hundreds of years ago, and were called – automatons.

It was in 1770\’s that this amazing writing automaton was created. Shaped like a small boy, it is able to write , programmably, in an elegant cursive script, using a goose quill. In order for it to know what to write, users need to use dials embedded in its back.