Crazy Vehicles: The Wazuma Quad V8!

Custom car and motorcycle maker Lazareth is best known for creating the twingo with a mid-mounted v8 Range Rover engine. As much as that was a daring endeavor, this one is much more ambitious and amazing.

Let\’s talk about a quad bike powered by a Ferrari V8 engine


New Password Required

I think we’ve all been there!

User: My usual password is not working suddenly, why? 1

Website chat assistant: Your password has expired – you must register a new one.

User: Why do I need a new one as that one was working fine?

Website: you must get a new one as they automatically expire every 30 days.

User: Can I use the old one and just re-register it?

Website: No, you must get a new one.

User: I don’t want a new one as that is one more thing for me to remember.

Website: Sorry, you must get a new one.

User: ok, roses

Website: Sorry you must use more letters.

User: pretty roses

Website: you must use at least one number.

User: 1 pretty rose

Website: you cannot use blank spaces.

User: 1prettyrose

Website: you must use additional letters.

User: 1fuckingprettyrose

Website: you must use at least one capital letter.

User: 1FUCKINGprettyrose

Website: you cannot use more than one consecutive capital letter.

User: 1Fuckingprettyrose

Website: you must use additional letters.

User: 1Fuckingprettyroseshovedupyourassifyoudon’tgivemeaccessrightfuckingnow.

Website: Sorry, that password is already taken. 

Spooky Fortune Teller

I’ve always thought going to see a fortune teller was kind of creepy to begin with but this spooky fortune teller would definitely freak me out. The scariest thing a fortune teller could tell me would be stuff they shouldn’t know because then I might just start believing. Another funny skit from the creative and funny crew at Just For Laughs Gags.


BBC Trust ESC upholds appeal on Dan Snow’s Syria documentary

BBC Watch

Readers may remember that back in March we took issue with Dan Snow’s distorted presentation of the commencement of the Six Day War in his BBC Two documentary titled “A History of Syria“. We were of course not the only ones to note Snow’s egregious depiction of Israel as the sole initiator of the war and his airbrushing of the Syrian and Egyptian belligerence which preceded its outbreak. 

“In 1967 [Hafez al] Assad was Minister of Defence when Israel launched a series of strikesagainst Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The Israelis humiliated Arab forces and took control of part of Syria; the Golan Heights.” [emphasis added]

One audience member, having exhausted options further down the chain of the BBC complaints procedure, took the issue to the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee and there the complaint was upheld.

Readers can view the full text of the ESC’s…

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