Take a Walk Through the World’s Most Beautiful Falls

In 2011, Iguazu Falls was announced as one of the seven winners of the New Seven Wonders of Nature by the New Seven Wonders of the World Foundation. We wholeheartedly agree with this decision; this is a place of green magic, of water, rainbows and stunning beauty.

That is why it\’s a great place to visit, even if you are currently sitting in a chair! Take this virtual tour through one of earth\’s most magical places!


BBC correspondent compares anti-terrorist fence to Berlin wall, fails to mention terrorism

BBC Watch

h/t DA

It is with tedious regularity that we find ourselves addressing here the subject of breaches of accuracy and impartiality guidelines in the programme ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ which is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (10.97 million listeners per week) and on the BBC World Service (192 million listeners). 

The programme’s latest edition – broadcast on Radio 4 on October 31st and scheduled for broadcast on the World Service on November 4th – includes an item by Andreas Gebauer of the BBC World Service. The item can be heard here from 11:32 or here

FOOC R4 edit

FOOC WS edition

The synopsis to the World Service edition of the programme reads as follows:

“A story of the divisions between people – and another of how they can begin to crumble. Seeing the “separation barrier” which separates Israeli from Palestinian settlements in the West Bank brings back childhood memories of Berlin’s Wall…

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Picture of the Day: Hoyvika Beach, Norway





Høyvika Beach on Andøya, Vesterålen in Northern Norway

Photograph by STIAN KLO
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In this stunning capture by Stian Klo, we see Høyvika Beach on Andøya, Vesterålen in Northern Norway. Klo captured the beach from a mountain range looking down on the beautiful beach. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find much additional information about the beach and surrounding area.

After searching through Norway’s tourism site, I believe this view can be seen on a coastal trek from Stave to Bleik. The trail stretches over 9km through a landscape of beaches, rocky shorelines, hills and mountains. You can find more information about the hiking trail at VisitNorway.com




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Find Their Feet Again…!

Humorous Dispassionate

My new neighbor stopped by to say hello we chatted a little bit
then I asked him: So what do you do?

He replied proudly: I work with people who have let themselves 
go in life and help them find their feet again.
I said: OH, Wow ! That must be very rewarding work.

He shrugged: Just an ordinary day at Weight Watchers !!


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Immigration Reform Next Debacle on the Horizon

Beyond the Cusp

Amnesty for those illegal immigrants among us, called undocumented workers by our political elite even if they do not work and are collecting welfare and other government benefits, disguised under the name of “Path to Citizenship” will be at the heart of the immigration legislation to be considered by the Congress and backed by the President, the Democrats and most of the Progressive Republicans, also referred to as RINOs. Their claim, false as it may be, will be that these undocumented workers are simply honest people here seeking to find a better life for their families and deserve our sympathy for the plight they might face in their homelands and only number a mere eleven million unfortunate souls living in the shadows. If the politicians were to be honest they would be talking about the twenty million plus illegals of which a sizeable percentage are unemployed and collecting government handouts…

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