DRIVEL OF THE DAY: The Guardian supports burqua cross-dressing for Islamists absconders – OFFICIAL

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burqamantitle‘….the Guardian is a frustrating mixture of heart in the right place but head all over the place, of issue consistency wrapped in a muddle of theoretical inconsistency….’

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Earlier at The Slog: Why ‘clarifying’ statistics is like clarifying butter

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A Cautionary Tale, One Mother’s Story

When such kidnappings do occur, it often appears as a surprise to women as it was to Rogers, a bright multicultural studies student from upstate New York.

Rogers was living with her mother in Las Cruces, a city on the Rio Grande in New Mexico, when she became enchanted by a soft-spoken Arab man working at the Middle Eastern cafe where she\’d often study.

\”I was the feminist, the rebel, everything you could imagine,\” she said. Hatem Abu Taha proposed to her three days after they met. They were married soon after.

\”The morning after we wed, my husband got up to meet his friends,\” she recalled. \”I was like, \’What? We\’re newlyweds.\’\”

\”He just told me he was doing guy things and I could do woman things,\” she said in an interview at her home outside Boston.


The Loneliest Country in the World

Beyond the Cusp

No matter what Israel were to do there would be millions upon millions of protesters around the world denouncing them for not having done more. This is especially true when it comes to retuning lands they gained through a defensive war where Israel was attacked by multiple Arab nations and managed somehow to turn the tide of the battles and defeat their aggressors. Israel at the end of the Yom Kippur war was closing in on Cairo in Egypt after crossing the Suez Canal, a defensive barrier many thought would prevent any further Israeli advances. Israel was instructed by the United States, Soviet Union, United Nations and likely countless other world leaders to stop and retreat back across the Suez Canal. They complied with the world’s wishes which spared Egypt losing their capital city to the Israelis which would have been an embarrassment but would not have actually signaled the…

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New CAMERA office in Jerusalem

BBC Watch

Mazal Tov to our colleagues at CAMERA, CiF Watch and Presspectiva who have moved into a new office in Jerusalem. door photo smaller

“CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, announced the expansion of its Israel operations with the opening of its Jerusalem office this week. The new facility will serve as the center for CAMERA’s presence in Israel and will enable increased activity in promoting accurate coverage of Israel and the Middle East in the North American, European and Israeli media.

Strategically located at a prestigious technology park which houses several major international media outlets as well as Israel’s Government Press Office, the new office is home to two CAMERA affiliates. Presspectiva, CAMERA’s popular Hebrew-language website launched in 2010, will share space with the influential CiF Watch, which monitors the Guardian and other British media outlets.

 BBC Watch, CiF Watch’s sister site, will…

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Tweak you Week! Make your day HARDER!

Rehabilitate Your Heart

This is too good not to share. I found this posted by Carolyn Thomas on  She is a wonderful advocate on women and heart disease. This is a 4 minute video on a movement to “Make your day HARDER” due to our generation of sitting. I think of my children as I watch this, are we subjecting are youth to heart disease? We have better knowledge of the effects of smoking and have worked hard to improve diet, however they spend the majority of their youth sitting. Sure they are involved in sports but the vast percentage of the time our children sit. How do we go about changing this to ensure they have a  healthy future?



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Inflationary deflation and increased underemployment: how far can suspension of disbelief stretch?

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The political class must understand that a mélange of doubletalk and massaged numbers will only destroy them in the end

caminflatI’ve just been reading about the “near record low inflation” in the eurozone, courtesy of Zero Hedge. Being in the  eurozone at the moment, I wish I could find some of it.

A sample of one is more than that if one experienced researcher compares like-for-like numbers year on year. Thus far in 2013, I’ve spent several weeks in Italy. You can get excellent bargains on some clothing (a beautiful pullover in Parma, for example, in a half-price sale) but the grocery inflation there I’d say is running at 20%. Italians I met agreed. “Even the price of a beach bed has doubled,” one couple told me on the South East coast in August. Just buying a few groceries in Turin at a hypermarket cost me around £40.

In Greece…

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