It was going to be a bleak summer as Mom and Dad informed me that I was going to have to spend my vacation at camp.  Grandma’s employer had sold her home in Palm Beach and she was going there to preside over packing up all the furnishings and was taking her cook, my grandmother with her.

I had looked forward to spending another summer with Grandma in the Catskills.  I loved the little bungalow that we had rented for several years and had gotten to know quite a few of the local kids.  And when I found out that many of the attendees at camp, owned by the athletic director of my grammar school, were going to be school chums, I thought that I deserved a little break from them – and them from me.  Nevertheless, I had no choice so I tried to console myself by helping Mom…

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6 Surprising Health Benefits in Beer

There is little that compares to the hopsy, rich and refreshing taste of a cold beer. The world\’s third most popular beverage has been around for centuries, but has gotten a bad rep as being fattening and high-calorie, and as a result is increasingly avoided at the bar. Yet new studies reveal the surprising health benefits in beer that could make it, once again, your beverage of choice, in moderation of course.

So, pour yourself a cold beer and sip on it while you read about its amazing health benefits!


Heathrow Airport Employee Fired over False Accusation of Insulting Islam

Of course the Christian didn\’t insult Islam, Muslim co-workers lied. But even if she had, so what?

When is the civilized world going to stop treating every Muslim like a mental patient and stop rewarding the bullying, harassment and sharia demands?


The Shirk Report – Volume 238



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– Some costumes from last night: here | here | here | here
That’s the guy!
Baby loves to be balanced
Thieves have figured out how to circumvent door alarms
Crabbing: It’s how you land in extreme crosswinds

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Let the Signs Do the Talking

If we know one thing about sidewalk signs, is that they need to grab our attention. And since they usually just chalk on a board, they either have to be very colorful or very funny, because those that make us laugh will make us want to pay that business a visit. Here are some signs that got our undivided attention, and uncontrollable laughter.