Imagine if Israeli TV referred to Palestinian Muslims as “evil”, “barbaric” animals

Just for a moment, imagine if the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) aired a show with the following exchange between a young Jewish Israeli girl and a reporter:

Israeli TV reporter: “Let’s meet this girl here in the park who wants to recite a short poem.”
Young Israeli girl: “I do not fear the rifle because Muslim throngs are in delusion and ignorant herds.
Jerusalem is my land, Jerusalem is my honor
Oh, you Muslims who murdered pious Jews
Oh, you Muslims who were brought up on spilling blood
You Muslims have been condemned to humiliation and hardship.
Oh Sons of Allah, oh most evil among creations
Oh barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs
Jerusalem vomits from within it your Muslim impurity
And Jerusalem, you Muslims who are filth, is clean and pure.
I do not fear your barbarity.

Do we really even have to wonder what kind of reaction…

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