7 Truly Provocative Psychological Experiments

In psychological experiments, scientists seek to test our mental function and behavior when we encounter certain stimuli or when we are put in certain situations. Since the very first of these experiments, the question of morality has hung in the background of nearly every experiment, as many of them, purposefully or not, change individual behavior to suit the circumstances of the study.

We complied a list of the most influential and controversial psychological experiments so you can be the judge: Did these experiments help or hurt more?


New Approach Needed in Caring for Israeli Needy

Beyond the Cusp

There is a pressing need in many governments around the world and, oddly enough in the industrialized and technologically advanced Western World the need has become dire, to find some manner of caring for the most needy among the societies. Granted that being needy in places like the United States and much of the European Union is a far cry than it is in lands where thousands every year, mostly children and elderly, die from starvation or simply malnutrition. This is also true in Israel where, like many advanced nations responding to deficits resulting from the economic downturns recently, the government in order to cut deficits and balance budgets made cuts in the stipends to the poor and for children and other similar programs along with their cuts to other areas in their budgets. The only viable answer is to relieve governments of their need, their requirement to care for…

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Guardian images highlight freed terrorist; ignores Holocaust survivor he murdered

After the first round of 26Palestinian pre-Oslo prisoners were released by Israel in August, as a concession to renew peace talks, the Guardianpublished three celebratory photosin their Picture Desk Live series, all showing the prisoners being reunited with their families. The captions used for the photos all failed to even mention the Israeli victims of the crimes committed by the freed Palestinians.

Now, as Israel begins the painful process of releasing the second group of 26 pre-Oslo prisoners, the Guardian’s coverage continues to highlight the released terrorists while all but ignoring their victims.

Today’s edition of the Guardian’s Picture Desk Live includes the following:


The Guardian also added a video of Palestinians celebrating the prisoner release (to accompany an AP story they published today) that included an image of what appears to be the same man in the photo above.


Though both the caption and video failed to…

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Amazing Arts and Artists : Photorealism by Pejman

Amin Sharafsaleh aka Pejman is an Iranian interior designer, photographer and a charcoal portrait artist,

He is immensely interested in hyper realistic artworks. Photorealism is the genre of whole works which he has started recently, proving his talent and creativity in a short time. His artworks are based upon high resolution portrait photographs. Having Photography also as a passion, which is giving him an opportunity to go into details of objects and thus create his portraits more realistic.


Holland’s 9 Year-Old Opera Superstar – Amazing!

9 year-old Amira Willighagen shocked the judges on Holland\’s Got Talent when she bolted out Puccini\’s \”O mio babbino caro\” aria in perfect tune! Following her amazing performance, Amira was applauded with a standing ovation by the judges and a large portion of audience. Listen here as Amira chills your bones with her pitch-perfect voice!




When I was a child, ice cream came in three flavors –  Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.  I was good with that since I liked all three.  Then one day my father shattered my view of the universe.  He came home with a quart of Peach ice cream.  That started me to wondering, “What will they think up next.”  Little did I know that they would think up a lot.

Years later, Dad took me to a Howard Johnson restaurant.  They had an astounding 28 flavors of ice cream from which I could select.  And then I heard about a place called Baskin Robbins that topped that with 31 flavors.  By the time I stepped inside my first BR I was in college and I realized that the universe was a much more wondrous place than the three flavor variety I accepted as a child.

Currently there are thousands of different…

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