The Party’s Over. . . . . . Clean-Up Time


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Have  you ever wondered what happens to all these colorful leaves after the celebration of all that is autumn?  Just like any party, there is clean-up after the trees are bare,  and a need for order. . . . . even for colorful, fallen leaves. When the windy rain of late October and November comes, the leaves fall quickly.  The first year we moved to New York and had a back yard full of Maple trees…..and leaves all over the ground, I didn’t rake.  I saw others doing it but I didn’t want to be bothered. I learned a lesson about procrastination the next spring. After the snow melted, I was left with dead, brown, wet,messy, moldy leaves!  I don’t know what I was thinking, but for sure the leaf leprechauns did not come during the dark of winter to do my job!

The next year and for falls to…

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‘I still love London’, says international student left scarred for life after vicious Muslim gang attack

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And still the media refuses to use the word MUSLIM,and in this article from the London Evening Standard even the words ‘Asian’ and ‘Bengali’ have been ‘omitted’……..The inclusion in the headline is of my doing…..

A student who was left scarred for life after being beaten by a gang in east London told today how he still loved the city despite his ordeal.

Italian Francesco Hounye, 22, who lives in the United States, suffered severe facial injuries after being hit by a bottle in the assault near Brick Lane.

He had only been in the UK three days when he was attacked by the gang, who smashed a bottle in his face as well as kicking and punching him to the ground.

Mr Hounye said he had been warned to be careful in some parts of the city by his sister but he had not paid much attention…

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The Mysterious Ajanta Caves

According to archaeologists, construction of the Ajanta caves in Maharashtra, India, began about 2200 years ago. Over hundreds of years of work, more than 30 monuments were laboriously cut into the rock face of the mountains. According to speculation, the use of the caves stopped around 1000AD for unknown reasons, letting a thick jungle canopy grown around them, hiding them away for many generations.


Analysis the Guardian won’t provide: Why Israel opposes UN forces in the Jordan Valley

As U.S. brokered peace negotiations continue between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, we thought it would be helpful to provide some context regarding reports by Harriet Sherwood that, in any final agreement, Israel wants permission to maintain a military presence in the Jordan Valley. The JCPA created a site dedicated to explaining why Israel feels it cannot withdraw from the area and rely on protection from the UN or other international forces. 

Additionally, here’s a short video, produced by the JCPA, which effectively illustrates Israeli concerns. 

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