Ping Pong Balls

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1A king wanted to marry off his princess to a prince.

Three princes showed up to marry her.

The king announced that the prince who brings forth the most ping pong balls may take her hand.

The three princes take their leave and go on their separate ways.

A week later, the first prince shows up with five horses in a tow, each carrying two huge sacks of ping pong balls.

Next comes the second prince with ten horses in a tow, each horse carrying two huge sacks of ping pong balls.

The king tells the two princes that he needs to wait for the final prince to return.

The king sees the third prince returning with only one horse in a tow with two huge sacks… The king was very upset, and asked the third prince, ‘is my daughter not worthy enough to bring back only two sacks of ping pong balls?’

Prince replied ‘ping pong balls?! I thought you said King Kong’s balls!’

Official Guardian editorial legitimizes a ‘one-state solution’.

So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot –George Orwell

We’ve long believed that chances were strong that the historic editorial preference at ‘Comment is Free‘ towards commentators (and even Islamist extremists) who seek a‘one state solution’ to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict would eventually translate into an official editorial position in favor of such a final solution.  Whilst that position may not yet have been explicitly expressed, today’s official Guardian editorial, on Jerusalem’s municipal elections, seems to have at least taken a step in that direction.


Ignoring polls indicating that Palestinian residents of Jerusalem would prefer – in the event a Palestinian state were created resulting in a divided Jerusalem – to remain citizens or residents of Israel, their Oct. 21 editorial (Jerusalem elections: the ballot and the boycott) starts off…

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The Most Amazing Driftwood Sculptures You Will See Today

Using only salvaged materials like driftwood, roots, burls and natural found wood; Jeffro Uitto creates astonishing works of art and furniture. Since high school Jeffro has used wood as his creative outlet. He has since opened his own shop, Knock on Wood, in Tokeland, Washington, where he works on custom orders, commissions, and personal projects.

Every sculpture and furniture item seen below is made from salvaged materials Uitto has personally collected. He tells the Daily Mail that he finds most of his pieces in the winter when storms move the wood around. In fact, finding the right material is tantamount to the finished piece and akin to a big treasure hunt for the artist.

Below you will find a small selection of Uitto’s amazing work. Be sure to check him out on his website and Facebook page for the latest.


Muslims force British prison inmates to convert to Islam

Most Intolerant Religion

[Examiner] In a disturbing report from a British prison guard organization on Sunday, convicted felons in the United Kingdom are being forcibly proselytized by radical Islamists who are their fellow inmates.65076897b8768d739da45bd42d08d844

The Prisoner Officers Association, the group representing Britain’s correction officers, claims gangs of Muslims increasing “their power and influence inside UK jails,” and there are concerns with some converts becoming radicalized by Islamic extremists within the UK prison system.

According to a 2011 report from the U.S. House of Representatives, “The prison population is vulnerable to radicalization by the same agents responsible for radicalizing… outside of the prison walls. Despite appearances, prison walls are porous.”

“It is easy for outside influences to access those on the inside, and for inmates to reach from the inside out. Individuals and groups that subscribe to radical, and sometimes violent, ideology have made sustained efforts over several decades to target inmates…

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