The Southern Baptist Lady

1The lady was a Southern Baptist who attended services and taught Sunday School every week.

One Sunday, an out of town acquaintance, a gentleman, was in the pew right behind her. He noted what a fine looking woman she was! While they were taking up the collection, the man leaned forward and said,  “Hey, how about you and I having dinner on Tuesday?”

“Why yes, that would be nice”, the lady responded.

Well, the gentleman couldn’t believe his luck…….

On Tuesday he picked the lady up and took her to the finest restaurant in that part of South Carolina. When they sat down, the gentleman looked over at her and suggested,  “Would you like a cocktail before dinner?’

“Oh, NO,” said the fine example of southern womanhood. “Whatever would I tell my Sunday School class?”

Well, the gentleman was set back a bit, so, he didn’t say much until after dinner when he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and asked,  “Would you like a smoke?”

“Oh, my goodness, NO!” said the woman. “I couldn’t face my Sunday School class if I did!”

Well, the man felt pretty low after that, so they left, got in his car, and as he was driving the lady home, they passed the local Holiday Inn. He’d been morally rebuffed twice already, so he figured he had nothing to lose, so, he ventured forth with,  “Ahhh … mmmm, how would you like to stop at this motel?”

“Sure, that would be nice,”, she said in anticipation.

The gentleman couldn’t believe his ears, and did a fast u-turn right then and there, and drove back to the motel and checked in.

The next morning, after a wild and passionate night of the most incredible love making imaginable, the gentleman awoke first. He looked at the lovely Dixie darling lying there in the bed and with remorse thought, ‘What the h… have I done?’.

He shook her awake and pleaded, “I’ve got to ask you one thing…..what are you going to tell your Sunday School class?”

The lady said, “The same thing I always tell them — that you don’t have to smoke and drink to have a good time! 

And They Ask Why Israel is Unable to Reach a Peace with the Palestinians

Beyond the Cusp

There may not be countless reasons why the Israelis have been unable to reach a lasting peace with the Palestinians but let us list a few of the reasons and actions which depict the roots of the difficulty. One of the most important impasses has been the fact that the Arab world as well as the Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel serving as the homeland of the Jewish people. They refuse to recognize that close to three thousand years of Jewish history was made in and around Jerusalem, Hevron, Shechem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Yafo, Ashkelon, Beersheba, Nazareth, and all of the land west of the Jordan River. They deny that either of the two Jewish Temples ever stood in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount and claim that the Western Wall was built in order to allow the construction of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock despite the wall…

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At the End of the Day.

The Slog

There’s a lot of very odd news about tonight, and even more worrying is that it’s all real.

For example, the FT tells us that a think tank says HS2 can be a growth engine. Nor was this a mere Thomas the Think Tank saying it: it was a proper grown up one, called the Independent Travel Commission, which I can only assume is a tank that lobbies against the idea of package holidays. I’m all for that personally, but there seems little in the way of explanation as to why the ITC would know anything about disulphanide as a means of propulsion.

I know it’s supposed to be about trains that get you more quickly to places you didn’t want to go to in the first place, but surely every train that has an engine must also have a tank? So would we feel safe on a train where…

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Travel Photography Competition – week 59

Hitch-Hikers' Handbook

Hello everyone and welcome to the 59th edition of our popular Travel Photography Competition! This week we will be looking at photos sent into our Facebook page between 5th and 12th September.

This week we’ve had a really good response to our competition and we got loads of beautiful photos. As a result we haven’t got the usual three winners, but five wonderful shots from around the world!

In first position we have this stunning sunset photo taken at Siak River, Riau on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Siak River is approximately 370 km long and it’s located in the province of Riau, on the central eastern coast of the island. Riau is one of the richest provinces of Indonesia and is home to various dialects of the Malay and Chinese languages.

Anwar Kalicawang - Siak River, Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia
This stunning photo was taken by Anwar Kalicawang. For more samples of his…

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Beijing car ban to tackle pollution.


Beijing to restrict private car use to tackle pollution.

Vehicles drive on the Third Ring Road on a very hazy winter day in Beijing
Beijing has more than four million private cars, considered to be a major source of the city‘s air pollution

China’s capital, Beijing, has announced measures to combat worsening air pollution, state-run media report.

They include taking half of the city’s four million private cars off the roads on days when there are serious levels of pollution.

The system will be based on a vehicle’s licence plate – odd numbers will be allowed on the roads one day, even numbers the next.

Motor vehicles are considered a major source of pollution.

The new system will give out four different degrees of air pollution warning – blue, yellow, amber and red, Xinhua news agency reports.

On days when an amber warning is given, factories will stop production and work will be halted on construction and building sites.

Restaurants which offer…

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Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink



This Wednesday is the discussion over lunch of our book group.  It is  our selection for  discussion this month.   The author is a medical doctor and award winning      journalist named Sheri Fink. BOOKFINK1-popup

This is a book which struggles for truth and justice.  Much of the drama of Katrina was  played out on TV but this hidden tragedy played out deep inside the walls of a  hospital in  the flood path in the aftermath of

Dr. Fink recorded 500 interviews and she not only revealed details inside Memorial but there were  continuing conflicting points of view of staff, patients, and families and a long confusing, unsatisfying legal aftermath.ap050825022903_wide-b9af84c5b376355e030aea86ffc9fe7149b66f67-s6-c30  There was never any question that the  DNR (do not resuscitate or give life rescuing measure if the heart or lungs fail. ) patients had  been injected with a chemical cocktail of morphine, and other calming drugs to make their…

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The Most Amazing Yacht We’ve Ever Seen…

This beautiful maiden, \’The Maltese Falcon\’, was the brain child of the Perini Navy. Created for multimillionaires, the yacht was sold for $100 million. This boat uses the innovative sailing system DynaRig.

It is one of the largest privately-owned sailing yachts in the world at 88 meters #289 ft#, similar to Royal Huisman\’sAthena and Lürssen\’s Eos.

It consists of three constantly rotating masts, which hold 15 sails. The maximum speed of the boat is of about 21 knots. The Maltese Falcon is able to cross the Atlantic in just 10 days! But as beautiful as it is on the outside, its insides are just as brilliant.