The President’s Newest Power

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There will be talk of the President’s victory over the shutdown and still the biggest win over the United States Constitution and the complete abandonment of their responsibility by the Congress will likely not get the attention it deserves. The agreement to push the real debate over the debt ceiling off until early February may or may not have been a desired result from the entire debate. But that is neither here nor there as it will prove to be the least of the problems resulting from the compromise, or whatever the real conservatives allowed to pass rather than continue the fight. The disaster that will prove to be possibly catastrophic is the abdication of their Constitutional right to control the debt ceiling limit to the President until February 7, 2014. As the agreement reads, if the President desires to raise the debt ceiling all he is required to do…

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Know : 10 Must know facts about Rain



A little cumulus cloud weighs about the same as 100 elephants, and a thunderstorm cloud can weigh as much as 200,000 elephants!

Each second, approximately 16 million tons of water evaporates from the surface of the Earth. This 16 million tons of water is the same amount in raindrops that falls back to earth each second. Water moves continuously in a balanced cycle based on its volume.

For every minute of every day, 1 billion tons of rain falls on the Earth. Rain plays a key role in the cycle of returning water back to our earth. So it is obvious that we need rain in order for the world to continue functioning. The technical name for rain is precipitation, and this also includes hail and snow.

Raindrops can fall at speeds of up 35km/h (around 22mph), but on average travel between 8-10 km/h, depending on wind speed, droplet size…

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10 Amazing Hotels You Should Really Visit!

From a night in a cold, hard prison to living like kings and queens. From icy rooms to elephant rides – these are some incredible hotels, that not only offer a luxurious time but also each have something totally unique to it, and a promise of a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


BBC’s “Obstacles to Peace” erases pre-1967 Jewish history in Jerusalem

BBC Watch

Since we last visited the subject of the BBC’s four-part series of articles titled ‘Obstacles to Peace’, their presence on the BBC website has been extended. No longer accessible only via the ‘country profile’ for Israel on the Middle East page, the four articles now appear as links at the bottom of an item titled “Core Issues” in the standard collection of links coming under the heading “Mid East Crisis” which is appended to most Israel-related articles. 

Core Issues on profile page

The link titled “Core Issues” leads to an article titled “Middle East peace talks: Where they stand” which was amended in July 2013 and the links to the “Obstacles to Peace” series appear at the bottom of that. 


As we have previously pointed out here, despite being dated September 2010, all four of the articles were originally written in 2007 and were the subject of critique by CAMERA at the time…

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