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Forgive my father,  for I have sinned

Welcome to the 350th At the End of the Day.

Time was when a politician could rely upon the wife to be his saving grace when things were going wrong. Nixon used his entire family including the dog during the 1950s, but all that was in a gentler age. Today the politician’s chief job is to apologise for his Dad. I wasn’t surprised this morning when I saw that, the Daily Mail having slurred the hard-left Communist father of Ed Miliband last week, the Guardian took a poke at Cameron’s tax-evading stockbroker father. This is all jolly fine if you believe the Bible to have recommended that ‘the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the sons a thousand times’, but the Good Book did nothing of the kind: it merely recorded that this sort of revenge is commonplace. The Old Testament’s…

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Henna Hands



The first weekend we were all in Ahmedabad, we were off to the market in the old city. The crowds, the stalls, the food, the animals were just overwhelming! One of my earliest ever posts was about this visit.  ( last paragraph)

There were women with tubs of henna water pulling at our girls to get their hands done.  Finally they agreed.  In the picture you can see Liz in process and Mallory’s arm.  Okki was in line and she was overcharged, but it was a story for her to tell.  A crown formed everywhere we stopped. This one, not really seen from the photo, was so large that a policeman came to see what was causing it.  Just a group of Americans!


Henna has been around and used for cosmetic purposes since antiquity! There are evidences  of it used in  the Roman Empire, Egypt, Africa, and the Arabian…

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A Wild Night…!

Humorous Dispassionate

Jim and Clint are leaving the bar,

Jimmy says: I can’t wait to get home! As soon as I walk in the door,
I’m going to rip my wife’s panties off !

Clint:Oh, A wild night, you’re the man !

Jimmy replied: No, I’m serious, They’re killing me !!


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