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Lines on the nature of being united in idiocy

I think top marks tonight must surely go to Spain, for its unique ability to get Tom Watson agreeing with David Cameron. Yes, there can be no doubt about it, as long as Spain wants Gibraltar “back”, then the Iberian peoples have the capacity to unite Britain…a set of Islands not so much great any more as disintegrating.

It’s a useful distraction for both sides of course, but none of the fuss from Senor Rajoy holds any water at all. Britain has actually ‘owned’ Gibraltar for far longer and more continuously than the Spanish ever did and – as in the case of the Falklands with Argentina – its inhabitants have no desire at all to be Spanish. But if things get very nasty, I can’t wait to see how Operation Barbarossa van Pumpy in Brussels “handles” it.

At the same…

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Whether you feel a lot safer because we are now requiring rodeo clowns to attend “sensitivity training,” I want to admit that when I heard this I breathed a sign of relief. Of course, I first thought this applied to all clowns – so I thought that when Congress and the president returned from their vacations, this included them as well.  Well, one small step for America – but it could have been much greater.  By the way, I understand that the instructor is going to be Bill Maher with Vice President Joe Biden on standby as a sub.

I do not disagree with the premise that there is a lot of sensitivity training that needs to be done in America.  Little things like helping an elderly person with her groceries or actually allowing pedestrians the right of way used to be things that we did regularly.  We didn’t need…

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New Zealand island now rat free

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This video from California in the USA says about itself:

Achieving Balance: Anacapa Island Ten Years After the Removal of the Black Rat

6 March 2013

Ten years after removing nonnative rats the ecosystem on Anacapa Island, including rare seabirds, is showing profound results of recovery.

Ashy storm-petrels are nesting on the island for the first time ever recorded and Cassin’s auklets have expanded their territories in the absence of rats as predators. Significantly, the number of Scripps’s murrelets nests has quadrupled with a 50 percent increase of eggs hatched.

Rats are known to have negative impacts to island ecosystems. Rats are the most significant cause of bird extinctions on islands and are estimated to be responsible for half of bird and reptile extinctions worldwide.

Nonnative black rats, which were first reported on Anacapa Island in the early 1900s, threatened critical breeding habitat for these rare seabirds. They were eating…

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American Price for Palestinian Peace Participation

Beyond the Cusp

Most of the time we are told of the concessions, which would be better defined as bribes, the Israelis are forced to make to the Palestinians in order to entice them to come to peace negotiations despite the fact that both sides know they will simply walk away at some point demanding outrageous concessions to return and then blame Israel for not meeting those demands to allow the farce to continue. Well, this time let’s take a look at the price being paid by the United States to bribe the Palestinians to the peace talks. We are going to have to look beyond the guarantees that Secretary of State Kerry gave to Chairman Abbas that the Israelis would be steered and coerced into setting a border that was based along the pre-June 1967 Armistice Lines which divided the Israelis from the Jordanian held lands. Oh, just in case you may…

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Indy’s Matt Hill engages in cynical smear about Netanyahu and the Rabin murder

Given our past experience with Matt Hill’s false allegations against Israel, his recent essay at The Independent (Aug. 15) was not at all surprising.  In April,we prompted a correction by Indy editors to an inflammatory and inaccurate claim he made regarding the use of birth control by Ethiopian Israelis, and his latest Indy entry, If peace talks fail, Israel will be the loser, suggests that he is undeterred by past failures.

In an almost comically one-sided pro-Palestinian “analysis” of the current peace negotiations, Hill wrote the following about the villain in his tale, Binyamin Netanyahu:

Optimists hope Netanyahu has had a change of heart about a negotiated settlement since the days when he helped lead the incitement against Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli prime minister who was assassinated for launching the modern “peace process”.

Though I’ve heard some make the claim that Netanyahu turned a blind eye to…

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DIY Tea-Stained Tea Box

Make Something Mondays!

DIY Tea Box

I have a friend that REALLY likes tea. I emphasis the really for good reason. I heard him talking about it the other day, and it got me thinking. I like tea, and I keep it all in the original cardboard box. There is nothing wrong with it, but I can be more creative than that. I decided to create a natural-looking tea box.

I bought a ready-to-paint wooden box from the craft store and got to work.


Materials for the DIY Tea BoxThings You Will Need:
Paint brush
Wooden box
Tea bags (black tea)

black cherry teaStep 1:
Put 3 tea bags in about 6oz. of water and microwave it. I used Black Cherry tea from Celestial Seasonings because of the dark red color. You can use whatever tea you would like, but make sure it is a dark tea.


DIY Tea BoxStep 2:
Dip your paint brush in the tea…

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The Oldest Universities of India That Continue To Shine

Ankit Shah's Blog

It is startling to know that some of the top notch universities on the Indian subcontinent date back to several centuries. Innumerable number of students and their families are leading a happy and prosperous life, thanks to these remarkable institutions. Millions of people made a name for themselves and made the country proud because of these amazing universities and their education. Saluting the spirit of these universities, here is the list of the oldest universities in India that are in continuous operation since ages.

1. Senate of Serampore College (University)

Established in 1818 and granted status of university in 1829, the Senate of Serampore College (University) is the oldest and the first institution in the country to have granted the status of a university.
Located in Serampore Town, in Hooghly District, West Bengal, this college was founded by the missionaries Joshua Marshman, William Carey and William Ward (the Serampore trio)…

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