BBC’s Kevin Connolly on prisoner release

BBC Watch

In addition to appearing on BBC television news reports, the filmed item below from August 13th by the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Kevin Connolly was also promoted on the BBC News website’s main homepage. 

Connolly filmed

The synopsis appearing on the website version states:

“The 26 long-term prisoners set for release are the first of 104 Palestinian and Israeli Arab inmates to be freed over the next few months as part of an agreement to restart US-brokered direct peace talks after a three-year hiatus.” [emphasis added]

It is good to see that the BBC has corrected its previous habit (noted here recently) of mistakenly describing all the prisoners as ‘Palestinian’ in favour of this accurate phrasing. 

Connolly interviews a former prisoner released at the time of the Oslo Accords, describing Abdel al Anani as having been:

“…charged with ordering the killing of an Israeli informer..”

From that description, viewers are not…

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