Israel, Terrorist Release, New Israeli Building, and the Peace Process

Beyond the Cusp

The Israeli government just agreed to release the first twenty-six terrorist prisoners of the one-hundred-plus terrorists who are to be released as the price demanded by the Palestinian leadership in order to entice them to even come to the negotiating table. As a possible move to soften the distress and betrayal felt by many Israelis over these murderous terrorists, all of whom have blood on their hands and were serving life sentences, the government also announced tenders for building new housing in Jerusalem and areas in Judea and Samaria. Immediately after the announced tenders the Palestinian leadership, including lead negotiator Saeb Erekat, demanded Israel rescind these offers or else they would not return to the peace talks which they had agreed to hold in exchange for the prisoner release. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had offered Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas a building freeze in exchange for Palestinian participation in the…

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Ledbury, Medieval market town with the ‘most photographed alleyway in England’

Notes from Camelid Country

‘Quaint verging on twee’, instantly springs to mind when wandering around Ledbury. Its probably not fair to pigeon-hole a town of 10,000 people that way, but it seems appropriate. After all, it was here that a man from New York informed me I was standing in the most photographed alleyway in England. What he really meant to say, but was too polite to do so, was that I was standing in the middle of his photo of the most photographed alleyway in England. I removed myself immediately.

Ledbury feels ‘twee’ because it has managed to preserve a magnificent collection of historic buildings – something to be applauded. It feels like you’ve been transported back in time, with lots of other tourists along for the ride. Whether it is the glorious 12th century St. Michael and All Angels Church or the 17th century timber-framed Market House, Ledbury is a town with…

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RURAL ENGLAND: Why Cameron over-promise may turn into fisticuffs

The Slog

mostelDavid Cameron as Zero Credibility

I think we should rename the Prime Minister Max Byalistock, as he is clearly onto the Mel Brooks scam from The Producers – whereby more promises are issued than can be kept, but it doesn’t matter once it’s all failed.

It now transpires that not only did Cameldung promise the builders tons of building, he also pledged infinite fracking to the cheeky frackers trying to dig up what’s left of our green and pleasant land. So it can only be a matter of time before fights break out between those trying to put in foundations and high-velocity water guns on the same patch of land.

This could spread very rapidly. A war between Hunt promises to Murdoch and BoJo promises to the Barclay twins. A punch-up between Gove promises to paedophiles and BoJo promises to Londoners. Where will it all end?

Earlier at The Slog:…

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Rabaa al-Adaweya: an intersection or a bustling town?

Egyptian Streets

By Aya, contributor.

Visiting our relatives on Eid al-Fitr in Nasr city, Rabaa al-Adaweya, we couldn’t miss the chance to have a look at the camp of anti-coup protesters and join them in Eid prayers.

Reaching Rabaa al-Adaweya is not a walk in the park: main streets tend to be sealed off by Military and police forces, or are heavily barricaded by demonstrators.

For those familiar with the area, entrances from Nasr Road – where recent clashes left 80 anti-coup protesters dead – and from Tayran Street are completely closed. The only way to safely reach Rabaa is through side-roads.

It was driving past Tayran Street, near Soensta Hotel, that I really felt a sense of fear: there are dozens of heavily armed police men and soldiers, backed with approximately 10 armoured vehicles.

Today, Rabaa al-Adaweya has developed into a little city: tents densely pack the area, with demonstrators having near-full access…

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