Lord Tonypandy: Former Speaker Of The House Of Commons




After Lord Tonypandy’s death, a former Welsh Labour MP, Leo Abse, created a controversy by revealing that Thomas had been homosexual and had been the victim of blackmail for this reason. Abse, the MP who introduced the private member’s bill which decriminalised homosexuality in Britain, discussed this incident in his book Tony Blair: The Man Behind the Smile.He said that Thomas had paid money to blackmailers to keep information related to his sexual life secret. Abse said that he had once lent Thomas £800 to pay off blackmailers.


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The Last Blockprinter of Bela

Made in Kachchh —

We are driving through Kachchh, speeding away towards the east.
Today we are going to Bela, a village en route to Dholavira, the historic site of the Indus Valley Civilization. We are in the district of Rapar and I can already see the Rann.

“Shruthi, do you know about the people that live here?”
“They do not think twice about picking a fight, and even less before picking up a weapon!”
“Yes, yes, he is right. They are a very fighter type, you should be careful!”
I am warned about rubbing against people on the streets when we get off the car.
I don’t know what to say.
“Arey, it is a joke yaar. Relax!”

The other two in the car are nearly snoring.
We started at 6am, it is nearly 9 now.

Bela is a village about 30kms away from Rapar. It is believed to have been…

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