Vici: A War Game

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A friend of mine from College, Ben Shulman, created his own board game! The game is called Vici (Latin for “I conquered”) and it is going to be on Kickstarter the entire month of August for funding.

I’ve never actually played Vici, but I remember him working on it. It is a pretty neat idea. Much different than the standard, Monopoly.

Vici: Board Game

Vici is a war game that tests each player’s  ability to strategize. In the game, players take the role of military generals leading their soldiers into battle. This takes place on an ancient battlefield.  Each soldier has a variety of strength and ability.

There are four different types of pieces that represent the soldiers: Footmen, Spearmen, Horsemen, and Bowmen. They take turns battling to advance down the board into each the other army’s camp.

Vici: Game board

Artwork compliments of Ben 🙂

Go to the Kickstarter page for videos and more…

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Anatomy of the Peace Process

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The current rendition of the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations are in reality between the Arab world and Israel. The Palestinians are simply a manufactured peoples used to represent the Arab world against Israel with the added trait that by using their sock puppet the Arab world can pretend to be the powerless victim which was impossible when the negotiations were between the twenty-plus Arab nations against Israel. The proof that this ploy has worked and gained the approval of the Western world can be viewed when reading almost any coverage of the current Arab-Israeli conflict. No longer are there discussions of the wars where anywhere from three to seven Arab armies with as much as one-thousand-to-one advantages in manpower and equipment combine to attack Israel driving the Israelis into the sea and enter the alternate discussion in which the massive Arab consolidated forces are replaced with discussions of the downtrodden Palestinian…

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