Why Does the World Insist Terrorism Against Israel is Different

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Often during political discussions of the terrorist threats faced by much of the world but usually focusing on the terror threats faced by Europe, the United States, other Western nations and in the Middle Eastern Arab nations there is a distinction made setting these threats as being completely separate from those faced by Israel. This has been made excessively evident by the great reluctance by the European Union when it came to treating Hezballah as another terrorist organization. It is even more evident in the manner that Fatah, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), the PFLP (Palestinians for the Liberation of Palestine) and the rest of the groups making up the Palestinian Authority are treated as legitimate organizations despite the number of confirmed attacks carried out against Israeli targets. It was evident while the arguments were discussed and after some deal of difficulty the world condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization…

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Over-Sexed Democrats

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caruba_alan20080111By Alan Caruba ~AA - Anthony Weiner

The stars have aligned to present two of the most loathsome Democrats we have witnessed in a long time, Twitter-sex addict, Anthony Weiner who at this writing is still running for Mayor of New York and Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego, a serial groper who gives no sign of resigning.

Is it just a coincidence that both current offenders of the public’s sense of decency are both Democrats? Is it just a coincidence that the most beloved Democrat politician is former President Bill Clinton who got into a heap of trouble over sexcapades in the Oral—er—Oval Office?

Democrats seem to fall prey to sex addictions and peccadillos more than Republicans.

In 2001 before leaving office Clinton pardoned Rep. Mel Reynolds, an Illinois Democrat who was convicted of 12 counts of sexual assault with a 16-year-old. He took a job with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. And…

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What does the mother of a ‘pre-Oslo’ monster look like?

The following is a photo published at The Independent on July 29th to illustrate a story about Israel’s recent decision to release 104 Palestinians prisoners – a group of Palestinians (convicted prior to the Oslo Accords) largely consisting of terrorists who murdered or attempted to murder Israeli citizens, soldiers and foreign tourists.

part 1

Here’s the Indy caption for the shot taken by Reuters photographer Ibraheem Abu Mustaf:

The mother of Palestinian Ateya Abu Moussa, who has been held prisoner by Israel for 20 years, hugs her grandson upon hearing the news that her son may soon be released.

The mother is rejoicing over the possible release of her son, a Palestinian (presumably seen in the photo she’s holding) alternately known as Abu Moussa Salam Ali Atiya who murdered an Israeli named Isaac Rotenberg in 1994.  Whilst the Indy caption doesn’t include a word about the crimes of Ateya Abu Moussa or…

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