Prisoner Release to Appease Palestinians Actually Disgraceful Threat to Israelis

Beyond the Cusp

Much of the information being publicized by all parties about the resumption of the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process is confusing, contradictory, highly politicized plus causing great amount of agonized and vehement confrontations between the Israeli public and Prime Minister Netanyahu and his inner cabinet supporters. The many fronts of contention are almost too many to comprehend but the main points of controversy are over the Palestinian claim that the invitation to the talks lists agreement on using the 1949 Armistice Lines as basic definition for borders, the Palestinian claim that the start of negotiation will force an Israeli building freeze and worst of all, the hundred plus Palestinians who are to be released as a concessionary gift to Mahmoud Abbas just for the privilege of having him agree to attend talks at all. If one were to look for any bright side of this situation for the Israeli public it would…

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Times story suggesting unequal pay between Jews and Palestinians at SodaStream is “a lie”.

To those who genuinely seek Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation, and a future of peace and coexistence, the Israeli-based company SodaStream is a model which should be studied and emulated.


The company, which produces an environmentally sustainable product that allows for soda to be produced at home without wasting plastic bottles, operates one of their seven manufacturing plants at the Mishor Adumim industrial park (10 minutes from Jerusalem). The plant employs Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, and Druze – with some of the Arabs having achieved management level positions at their West Bank facility.  Additionally, the company provides Muslim employees use of company prayer room, accompanied by break time so that they can pray – as well as benefits for all employees which includes transportation to the facility, subsidized daily meals, medical aid, maternity leave, vacation and a pension plan.

SodaStream employs more than 500 West Bank Palestinians (making the company the largest single…

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BREAKING….Now Obama joins the statistics benders. So we have Obamanomics, Osbornomics, Draghinomics and Troikanomics.

The Slog

Roll up, roll up….every nomic’s a winner!

Following the earlier post here this morning, voilà in the FT:

‘US economic history will be rewritten this week, as the most far-reaching methodological changes in years will add the equivalent of a country the size of Belgium to output in the world’s largest economy.

The most important change by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, to be announced on Wednesday, will be to start counting spending on research, development and copyrights as investment, and reflect pension deficits for the first time. Combined they are expected to add 3% to gross domestic product.’

Waydergo Barry! The Black Dude strikes again.

You know that part of quantum theory where there is speculation about having several realities at once? It’s arrived right here on Earth, the most insolvent planet in the known Universe, and you can create these quantum reality choices by simple having nomics. A…

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BBC misrepresentation of Resolution 242

BBC Watch

With the renewal of talks between Israel and the Palestinians apparently due to commencethis coming week, it is worth taking a look at some of the material available on the BBC News website for audiences looking to inform themselves on the background to news stories. After all, in response to criticism of its Middle East coverage, BBC news editors have stated that:

 “…our strategy is to supplement our news coverage by providing detailed background on BBC News Online. It has the space to carry more information than broadcast news programmes, helping readers to understand the political, historical or economic background to an event.”

Via the country profile of Israel on the Middle East page of the BBC News website, readers can reach an interestingly illustrated page entitled “History of Mid-East peace talks” compiled by Paul Reynolds in August 2010. 

History of ME peace talks

The first entry on that page relates to…

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A walk along the lower reaches of the “Dark River”

Notes from Camelid Country

Prior to the Roman Occupation, the British and Irish Isles were populated by Celtic tribes. The Roman Empire never made it to Ireland and they eventually settled on Hadrian’s Wall for containment and trade, instead of conquest and occupation, in Scotland. England’s Celtic population was absorbed into the Roman Empire, and successive waves of migration from Continental Europe saw much of its culture disappear.

Celtic history continues to live on through language (not to mention the gene pool). The River Thames derives its name from the original Celtic: Tamesas, meaning ‘dark’.

A walk from Limehouse Basin to Tower Bridge along the river through the Wapping district, is to walk through London’s history: a history built on the tides of the Thames. From Roman-times, this area has been central to England’s (and later Britain’s) maritime trade. It became home to all the trades that kept the merchant fleet afloat: sailers, sail…

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