52/2013 Week 30

Say It With A Camera

52/2013 Week 30

I’m taking a bit of a break from photography over the next week, mainly due to relations visiting. But I still have to fit in at some time a photograph for the weekly photo challenge. So it’s down to a quickie in the back garden using Live View and Focus Peaking. I can’t call this a macro photograph because I don’t have a macro lens, so lets just say this is a “close-up”

If I’ve got my identification right this is Episyrphus balteatus, sometimes called the marmalade hoverfly, a relatively small hoverfly (9–12 mm) of the Syrphidae family, widespread throughout all continents.

Like most other hoverflies, it mimics a much more dangerous insect, the solitary wasp, though it is a quite harmless species.

The upper side of the abdomen is patterned with orange and black bands. Two further identification characters are the presence of secondary black bands on the…

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BBC tweaks Hizballah statement, promotes its conspiracy theories

BBC Watch

The website of Hizballah’s Al Manar TV station carries details of a statement put out on July 22nd by the terrorist organisation in response to the EU’s blacklisting of its ‘military wing’. The website cites “Hezbollah media relations” as its source for the statement, so we can probably assume that it is accurate.

Al Manar Hizb statement


“Hezbollah expressed in a statement issued Monday evening firm rejection of the European Union’s decision to put its military wing on the list of terrorism, and considered it as “aggressive, unjust decision written with Zionist ink.”

Hezbollah saw in the EU bowing to pressures of the US administration and the Zionist entity as a serious turnover in its compliance to the White House dictates. “It looks as if the decision was written by American hands with Zionist ink and the EU had only to put its seal for approval,” Hezbollah’s statement said.

Hezbollah considered that…

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