‘We Can Attack Christians’: Muslims In France Riot For Second Day Over Veil Ban, At Least 20 Cars Torched

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Firing weapons, throwing gas bombs, torching cars. France’s interior ministry is urging “calm and dialogue”, but what sort of dialogue can they expect when Muslim rioters disregard everything you have to say? Here’s an update on France’s “moderate” Muslims not-so-peacefully demonstrating for “peaceful purposes” …

ynet News – “Some 20 cars have been torched and four people detained in a second night of violence in suburbs west of Paris.

The night before, about 250 people clashed with police in the nearby town of Trappes in apparent protest over the enforcement of France’s ban on Islamic face veils. Interior Minister Manuel Valls said police presence will be reinforced in the area until calm returns.

France’s interior minister said Sunday that the incidents overnight targeted the town of Elancourt. Police union official said on BFM television that about 50 assailants were involved, some firing weapons and a gasoline bomb at police.


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Can’t We Have Honest Discussions about Peace and Race?


We’ve had frequent dishonest monologues about both but few honest discussions about either. Can we have honest discussions?
Probably not now.

Honest discussions about such matters require at least a modicum of common understanding of facts, of history and of its relevance. They also require common goals at least as to ultimate outcome. When both sides want and need peace, peace is possible. When one side wants and needs peace and the concomitant prosperity it would likely bring, while the other side(s) want and need continued strife and the resources to perpetuate it, peace is very unlikely — even if the side desiring peace caves, in the case of Israel in particular, on everything except its own survival.

When all sides seek to discourage racism, racism can cease to be a significant factor in society. When many want to discourage racism while many others try to foment it, racism will…

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Jama Mosque. . . . The Friday Mosque


ahmedabad_jami-masjid_2The main entrance to this mosque is  from the noisy, crowed main street of the daily market  in the Pols of  Ahmedabad. In fact the gate is reached by ascending stairs  that are partially hidden by a crowd of small shops. You don’t stumble upon this treasure by accident. Inside , you enter a huge courtyard and notice immediately that there is a peaceful quiet after the previous moments of  chaotic street noise.

The courtyard holds an abolition tank for  washing and covered colonnades seem as arms surrounding the open space.    ceremonial-bathing-inside


The majestic prayer hall is on the fourth side of the courtyard.20130202_ahmedabad_old129 There are 260 columns supporting 15 large domes ( sorry no pictures of the domes, but they are there)  and several smaller ones.   Here is a sketch.   images (29) On the western wall are miharbs  to indicate the direction of Mecca. All prayers are in…

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As you may know, Chicago has the largest population of people of Polish heritage, outside of Warsaw.  This makes the city a good place to live if you happen, as I do, to like kishka, kielbasa and pirogues.  The smells that emanate from the  various Polish grocery stores are noticeable a city block away.  What a treat for one’s olfactory senses.

And the neighborhoods in which people of Polish descent live are amazingly clean and crime free.  Perhaps that is because the residents make the effort to keep them that way.  On any given Saturday, taking a drive down the side streets that radiate from Milwaukee Avenue, the heart of the Polish community’s business district, you can see diminutive old Polish ladies on their hands and knees, scrubbing the sidewalks in front of their little bungalow homes.

Of course, having such a large ethnic community it is not surprising that…

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Keeping BBC audience’s eyes on the ‘settlements’ ball

BBC Watch

Predictably, the BBC has been busy over the past few days churning out a flurry of articles on the subject of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s attempts to get talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on final status negotiations restarted. In those articles, care has been taken to ensure that audiences keep their eye on the ball with regard to the BBC’s narrative regarding the ‘peace process’.

In a July 19th article entitled “Palestinians undecided on Kerry peace talks plan” readers are told yet again in a side box of analysis by Lyse Doucet that: 

“…settlements are still a major stumbling block. As Mr Kerry shuttles, Israel keeps announcing plans and permits for new homes.”

Doucet makes no attempt to explain to audiences that in fact there is absolutely no reason why planning committees should not continue their work as no building freeze has been agreed…

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