WATCH: 272,297 Dominoes Fall for New World Record


This 10-minute video, entitled “Enjoy Your Life,” shows the collapse of a painstakingly detailed display created by German-based Sinners Domino Entertainment. The 272,297 dominoes used included a massive blue coil that topped the previous Guinness World Record last week for the most dominoes collapsed in a spiral with 55,555 pieces. Watch as a plane flies into pyramids, toppling dominoes in artful mosaics. The team of 12 took eight days to create the behemoth artful pattern, paying tribute to the good things in life.

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Hundreds of centuries-old trees chopped down to make room for the Pope’s visit in Brazil ~ Daily Mail

Stop Making Sense

The Daily Mail

Authorities in Brazil have denounced church leaders as criminals for chopping down more than 300 centuries-old trees in a national park – so pilgrims can celebrate mass during the Pope’s visit to Rio de Janeiro.

Pope Francis will make his first international trip to the world’s largest Roman Catholic country later this month.

Organisers of an event in the diocese of Sao Sebastiao de Itaipu, in the city of Niteroi, claimed they needed to clear an area of Atlantic rainforest to accommodate the expected crowd of up to 800 pilgrims.


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It was a Friday evening after a rough week and I had gotten home a bit late.  Tristan, my Irish Setter and Josh, my Belgian Shepherd/Newfoundland mix were waiting attentively at the door.  They really wanted to go for their walk.  So I dropped the mail on a table by the entryway, put on their collars and we hurried across the street to the park where the boys quickly relieved themselves.

When we returned to the condo I put their dinners together and sat down with an adult beverage for myself, kicking my shoes off and resting my tired feet on the coffee table in the living room.  I was just starting to get comfortable when the phone rang.

I debated for a moment whether I wanted to bother answering it or let Jeeves the Butler, the voice on my answering machine, pick it up.  But I was feeling a little more relaxed…

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European Union Curses Israel as It Approves Hezballah

Beyond the Cusp

The European Union took a number of interesting stances and steps this past week concerning interests and recognitions for entities, states and organizations in the Middle East. Once again the European Union voted on whether or not to recognize Hezballah for being a terrorist group thus joining with Israel, the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Oman and other nations. Predictably the European Union was unable to fully agree and continues to refuse to call Hezballah out for what they are. The European Union also voted this week on how to address Israel and those Jews who live or work in what the Europeans have recognized as the lands set aside solely for the formation of a Palestinian State. Their decision was that Israel has no rights or claims whatsoever to any lands beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines and that any product manufactured by an Israeli company in these contested areas…

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