Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Fall Upends Obama Middle East Aims

Beyond the Cusp

It has been reported by the <a href=>World Tribune</a> website the absolutely shocking and controversial content of President Obama rendition of the future for the Middle East which the United States as their policy goals for his second term in the White House. The Israelis did not respond in any manner and allowed President Obama to enthusiastically reveal every detail of his vision for solving all the problems in the Middle East simply by building an alliance under a triumvirate of shared absolute power by Shiite Iran teamed with Sunni Egypt and Turkey. It was in the pursuit of this end that President Obama pressured to the point of threatening Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu into apologizing and committing to a complete capitulation to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara terror incident when a Turkish backed flotilla attempted to run the Gaza blockade. When the prearranged ambush was sprung on the IDF…

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Missile Transfer

PA Pundits - International

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According to Ynet:

US sources: Israel behind Latakia attack

US sources informed CNN Saturday that Israel was behind the strike in Latakia last week.

” According to the sources, the attack was perpetrated by IAF planes, targeting Yakhont missiles.
No comment was made by Israeli sources thus far.
The sources added that Israel launched the July 5 strike in order to hit the Russian-made missiles, which Israel believed pose a threat to its forces. The officials spoke anonymously.”

Read More by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

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No reports of Jewish riots after grossly antisemitic show begins airing on Arab TV

The streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and every other city throughout Israel – and in communities outside of Israel with large Jewish communities – were calm over Shabbat despite the decision by several Arab TV satellite channels to begin airing an antisemitic mini-series during Ramadan called “Khaybar.”  The program reportedly demonizes Jews, who are depicted as immutably “treacherous” and the “enemies of Islam” who “can’t be trusted”.

The series – produced by a Qatari media company and currently being aired in Dubai, Egypt, Algeria, Qatar and UAE – is described by the screenwriter and the film’s actors as simply demonstrating that “The Jews are the Jews…and still act according to their nature and corrupt any society in which they live.”

Though a prominent pro-Israel blogger, Elder of Ziyon, initiated a passionate campaign to draw attention to the series, the act of racist incitement has been ignored by major…

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deer god

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but you be so buzy seein and knowin you may nothas seed some of the stuf what happun at my skool las yeer .  speshully wif a boy in my klass we callz meen tyrone.

meen tyrone he jes always be lookin at wayz to make a fuss.  he pull at all the girlz hare and wen we be eatin our toona sanwich mean tyrone he com over and try to mush it up wif his fingurs.  so now when we seez him acomin we jes eatup our sanwich reel fast like so he dont have no chance to go mushin.

an he alwayz pickun at my bes frend a lil boy name of peter chen cause…

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BBC manipulation of public opinion

BBC Watch

The last few days have provided a good example of the way in which public opinion is manipulated by the BBC News website’s Middle East desk’s decision to run or not run a particular story.

As noted here previously, the fact that residents of the Sha’ar HaNegev area in southern Israel had to run to shelters when the warning alarm for incoming missiles sounded last Thursday afternoon was not deemed newsworthy by the BBC. Neither was the firing of missiles towards Eilat by jihadists located in the Sinai the week before. 

However, on Friday July 12th the Middle East page of the BBC News website did carry a story dramatically titled “Israel ‘illegally detained’ five-year-old Palestinian” which is basically a re-hash of a an item which appeared the day before that on the website of the political NGO ‘B’tselem’ (described by the BBC in the article as…

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The Slog

Derivatives judged through the medium of surreal etymology

Yet another building archive of Slogarithms looking at the zero relationship between definitions and bollocks

Pretension: What smart cafe ladies-who-lunch feel before the first Bloody Mary (See also pre-menstrual tension)

Confederate: Verb – to exact QE and rigged interest rates on a half-asleep electorate

Paedophile: Mythical sex pervert afflicting diseased minds of Underclass children.

Dreamliner: Nightmare destroying bottom line

Deficit: An unlikely inevitability that expands infinitely to cause panic (See also Defcom)

Globalism: Mantra-cluck emitted by turkeys in an attempt to abolish Christmas

Committee of Enquiry: Group formed to question Cheese too Big to Try

Reconciliation: Illegal process by which savers become reconciled to the State thieving from their bank accounts

Recovery: Cover story about getting back to where we used to be

Xperia: Phone launched by Japanese to enable consumers to…

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