Muslims, Jews Agree on Coming End Times

End Time Bible Prophecy

‘Love, peace, friendship, brotherhood, good faith, kindness will envelop all around’


A Turkish television show featured prominent Muslim and Jewish leaders agreeing on the coming end times and declaring an expectation to live in “love, peace, friendship, brotherhood, good faith, kindness.”

The program, from Turkish A9 Television, featured several Muslim leaders and two officials from the Sanhedrin, the traditional seat of Jewish justice.

The Muslim participants are Oktar Babuna and Adnan Oktar, both prominent Islamic personalities. The Jews are Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, a member of the Sanhedrin and an associate justice on the Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah, and Rabbi Ben Abrahamson, a historian and consultant at Jerusalem’s Rabbinical Court on matters regarding Islam.

The discussion, broadcast Nov. 21,  focused on the Jewish Tanakh’s description of the end times, what the Quran states and the possibility that the religions’ expected messiahs – the Mahdi for Muslims…

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About a 55 mile drive from my home and close to the CA/NV state line there is a quaint town of about 37,000 residents called Pahrump, NV.  It’s in Nye County, one of those in the State of Nevada in which prostitution is legal.  And wouldn’t you know, there are those who recognized there would be a demand for those practicing the world’s oldest profession and so four brothels located in the vicinity of the town (although outside the town limits).  Perhaps the best known of these is the Chicken Ranch which is located on a 40 acre parcel of land.

Many years ago when the movie, “Never On Sunday” starring the late Greek actress, Melina Mercouri was released, my parents debated whether I should be allowed to go see it.  I was 13 years old at the time.  Of course, this was before we had established ratings boards to…

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BBC’s ‘Talking Movies’ provides platform for BDS activist

BBC Watch

The latest episode of the BBC World News programme ‘Talking Movies’, presented by Tom Brook, includes an item about Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri’s film “The Attack” which was also featured on the ‘Entertainment & Arts’ page of BBC News website.  

Talking Movies

As stated, the film has been banned in Doueiri’s native Lebanon – ostensibly because he filmed it in Israel – and also (in what these days must be a rare show of unanimity) by the entire Arab League.  

“The Arab League ban was not limited to commercial theaters, Doueiri said. He said his wife was warned that if she proceeded with a screening for friends in Beirut she would be arrested. “So we canceled it,” he said.”

Oddly though, such reactionary attitudes – and the type of archaic censorship they impose – do not appear to cause too much concern to the ‘liberal

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