What Does Young Egypt Want?



No, I didn’t make a mistake, but thought some parallels could  be drawn between the two countries’ young people. There are certain  similarities in the problems of sorting out the mixture of politics and religion.  The demographics are similar with  Egypt’s median age as 24.6 and India’s at 26.5. This is the number that divides each country into two equal groups by age. As a contrast, in the US , it is 37 and in Europe, 40 years of age. One contrast is that the Egyptian youth, in the last years, have become very energized and active in political parties for the sake of rebuilding the country. Evidence of this is all over the stories in the media.  The Indian  youth are less involved in politics as far as I have observed. Bhagat appears  to be calling them to action.  I found a book  entitled Egypt on the Brink by…

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I couldn’t resist making a video of the removal of my mole :)

Russell Chapman

It is quite fascinating to watch yourself being operated on. The Dr had no problem with me making the video of the procedure. Now I have to wait for the biopsy to make sure all is clear.

For some reason the video plays twice. I don’t know why. Ignore the second half

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Roof Bonsai

Images of China through English Eyes


Roof Bonsai. Image taken in Puxi, Shanghai China. These beautiful trees are the pride and joy of many Chinese, they spend hundreds of hours each year tending and caring for these wonderful creations. It just goes to show age does have beauty 🙂

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Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Ousted by Military Coup

End Time Bible Prophecy

The military has suspended the Islamic-backed constitution and announced an upcoming presidential election to find a replacement.

A protester carries an anti-President Mohammed Morsi poster in Tahrir Square.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A protester carries an anti-President Mohammed Morsi poster in Tahrir Square.


Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s rocky one-year reign ended Wednesday in a swift military coup as fireworks exploded over Cairo and millions cheered his ouster.

The Third of July celebration began as word spread through Tahrir Square that the army had efficiently enforced its promise to depose Egypt’s first democratically elected leader.

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About a week ago as I was going to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping, I was greeted by a very tall young boy whom I took to be in his early teens and several of his teammates who were wearing their school’s baseball uniforms.  They were soliciting donations to buy some new equipment.  Accompanying them and sitting at a table that the store had allowed them to set up was a man in his early 40’s whom I guessed was either the father of one of the team members or perhaps one of their coaches.

The young man was very polite and explained that they were trying to raise money for their team.  I gave him credit for taking his time on a weekend in order to solicit us shoppers for something that was a purpose in which he believed.  So I was certainly willing to contribute to…

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English history offers a parallel for Egyptian political reform (2)

Charles Rowley's Blog

In 1689, an unconstitutional English Parliament (unconstitutional because it was not called by the King) met and wrote a new constitution (the original constitution was unwritten). The Bill of Rights narrowed the discretionary power of the monarch, increased the independence of the judiciary, in all but name eliminated any notion of the divine right of kings, and significantly increased the powers of parliament. Most importantly, the suffrage was strictly limited to some 5 per cent of the male population (women had no suffrage until the early 20th century). A high property requirement was set in place for any person to vote. Members of Parliament served without pay, unless appointed as members of the Cabinet. King William III and Queen Mary II were required to sign this Bill of Rights before they could jointly access the throne.

This new constitution significantly reduced the arbitrary discretion of the monarch. Equally important, it…

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