Saudi Arabia: Women can work in restaurants


DAMMAMWomen can work as waitresses in restaurants run exclusively for females and families.

“Such jobs are not a violation of the Islamic rules,” Chairman of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) Abdullatif Al-Alsheikh told the Dammam-based Alsharq newspaper on Wednesday.

“Women can work as waitresses, cashiers and cooks in women and family-only restaurants,” he said.

Al-Alsheikh said the employment of women in family restaurants to work as waitresses, cashiers and cooks is not against the rules and conditions of the memorandum of understanding the Haia has signed with the Ministry of Labor concerning women’s work.

“The royal decree which has called for the provision of more job opportunities for women has made it a condition to provide them with a suitable work atmosphere,” he said.

Al-Alsheikh asked all working women to strictly observe the Shariah rules in their work places.

“Lingerie shops could…

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Cause for concern this Independence Day

Charles Rowley's Blog

Lovers of freedom in the United States will rightly celebrate the Fourth of July, as the day when courageous colonists challenged the authority of the World’s greatest military power.They will rightly savor the words penned by Thomas Jefferson, words, that boldly put the People before the State.

Many such American freedom lovers, however, will blend their joy with concern and sorrow at recent trends in the governance of their nation. They are now aware that two United States presidents – George W Bush and Barack Obama – have created a comprehensive surveillance system designed to collect and evaluate every telephone, call, email, twitter and facebook message transmitted by any American citizen. Agents of some of the most ruthless and authoritarian agencies of the federal government make such use as they choose of information so garnered. This is a prerequisite for any effective police state. The network massively exceeds that established…

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Tom Watson MP Resigns From Shadow Cabinet



“I wish to use the backbenches to speak out in areas of personal interest: open government and the surveillance state, the digital economy, drones and the future of conflict, the child abuse inquiries, the aftermath of the Murdoch scandal and grass roots responses to austerity.”– Tom Watson MP

It’s a big loss for the Labour Party but their loss will be to the benefit of others who need his help.

Dear Ed,

I said that I’d stay with you as general election co-ordinator within the Shadow Cabinet as long as I was useful. I think it would be a good idea for you, and me, if I stood down from the role now.

As you know, I offered my resignation on Tuesday and you asked me to reconsider. I’ve thought about it and still feel it is better for you and the future unity of the party that I…

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The BBC, background and context

BBC Watch

A report appearing on the Middle East page of the BBC News website on July 2nd 2013 relates to the death of a Palestinian man during violent disturbances in the village of Dura (11 kms south-west of Hebron) in the early hours of that day. 

This is the original version of the report:

Hebron Palestinian dies

This is the version currently appearing on the website, after having been amended some two hours later:

Sharawna Dura

The incident is still under investigation, but both Palestinian and Israelisources report that the “teenager”, as he is described by the BBC, was a cadet at the Palestinian Authority’s military academy in Jericho.

Of course the crucial element missing from this report – and particularly its photo caption – is the context of the daily incidents of potentially lethal stone-throwing, fire-bombings and shootings in Judea and Samaria and the resulting necessity for counter-terrorism operations.  As we have…

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Jubilation in Egyptian TV Studios following Morsi’s Ouster – Video

PA Pundits - International

Gee, Egyptians are smarter and more gutsy than our “exalted leader” Obama, our Congress, our Leftist News Media and the majority of our American people.  Wow! How did this happen to this great country of ours?

Don’t you think it’s about time we Americans got off our ‘couch-potato’ butts and make a stand for real Freedom is this country? This is America’s Independence Day. If you lived in the days of our American Revolution would you be as complacent as you are now? What are you doing now? Are you just sitting back and letting our American Heroes sacrifices for our Freedom gradually fade away due to your lack of backbone? 

You can start by emailing, calling, writing or visiting your Congressman/woman and let him know how you feel. Keep your representative’s feet to the fire. Be persistent!

Islamist President Mohammed Morsi was ousted by the Egyptian people; isn’t it…

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At the End of the Day

The Slog

Wherever we look at the moment, stealth bombers are dropping napalm on Britain’s community spirit.

Let’s start with education. Widely reported in the UK media today are plans for foreign pupils to be charged thousands of Pounds to attend British state schools under a controversial plan backed by David Cameron. Despite warnings of a growing shortage of school places, a leaked Downing Street memo reveals a plan is being hatched to open up the education system to more children from overseas.

Three days ago, further DfE leaks showed that, under plans being put forward by Education Secretary Michael Gove, academies and free schools should become profit-making businesses using hedge funds and venture capitalists to raise money. Details of discussions on the proposed redesign of academy regulations were leaked to The Independent by Department for Education insiders who are concerned that Mr Gove is going too fast and too far in…

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