A Palestinian State is Not Feasible


The Palestinian Authority, not Israel, should make concessions for peace negotiations, says Tourism Minister Uzi Landau.


The Palestinian Authority, not Israel, should make concessions in order to enter peace negotiations, Tourism Minister Uzi Landau (Yisrael Beytenu) said on Monday.


[U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry] is not the only one who is serious,” Landau told Arutz Sheva, a day after Kerry concluded his latest visit to the region in an attempt to resume the stalled talks. “We are serious as well, and we demand negotiations without preconditions. The question is whether [PA Chairman Mahmoud] Abbas and his associates are serious too. After all, they could have started negotiations four years ago, but they refused because they believe that there will always be somebody to pressure Israel, so why enter negotiations in which they will have to make concessions and compromises?”


Landau said that…

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Israel upbraids Dutch over ‘preposterous’ Mideast report

A Dutch report on the Middle East conflict that paints Israel as the sole aggressor drew a harsher-than-normal response from Jerusalem recently, in a challenge to its traditionally close ties with the Netherlands.

The report, published in March by the Advisory Council on International Affairs, has also been harshly criticized by pro-Israeli Dutch politicians, who charge that it is full of factual errors and unfairly biased in favor of the Palestinians. Among other shortcomings, critics bemoan that the report, entitled “Between Words and Deeds: Prospects for a sustainable peace in the Middle East,” calls for sanctions against Israel because of settlements yet advocates talking to Hamas and omits any reference to Palestinian terrorism.


More evidence that Glenn Greenwald is not a serious journalist

As wereported yesterday, on June 27th Glenn Greenwald addressed, via Skype, the annual U.S. ‘Socialism Conference’, a speech which was characteristically loaded with sophomoric platitudes, contemptuous diatribes directed at the U.S. government, and smears of his critics.

While you can view the entire video yourself to glimpse Greenwald’s triumphalism over his partnership with Edward Snowden, the following quote from his talk is especially worth exploring as it reveals much about his highly skewed understanding of what it means to be a journalist.

At roughly the 15 minute mark, Greenwald makes the following claim:

David Halberstam defined the measurement of good journalism as how much you anger the people in power that you’re covering…while most establishment journalists measure it by how much you please the people in power that you’re covering. And, for me, if you are pleasing the people in power with the things that you’re disclosing you may…

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