Kerry Announces Great Strides in Hope Towards Resumption of Peace Process

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Kerry made what at best can be called an optimistic message to the press regarding the advancement of peace accomplished by his efforts during this trip to the Middle East. He indicated that the talks were fruitful and that the distance between the two parties had been lessened leaving but a narrow difference remaining to be bridged in order for talks to resume. He expressed a general feeling of pleasure over what had transpired and reiterated that he felt that the talks had been fruitful. The real question is what the average person should take from Secretary of State Kerry’s politispeak and what the reality is regarding any near term resumption of the peace talks. The other mentions of this week’s activities were pretty much duplicates of the longstanding positions the major players had long before Secretary Kerry arrived last week. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu still holds that he is…

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yak3A Dry Bones Cartoon ~D13630_2

The Guardian tries to answers a number of questions I’ve been asking myself:

Why do whistleblowers go to Ecuador?
The country sheltering Julian Assange is now waiting to welcome Edward Snowden. What is the appeal of Ecuador (apart from the gorgeous scenery and idyllic climate)

Name: Ecuador

Age: 183.

Appearance: Safety

Ecuador the country? Yes, that Ecuador, the little democratic republic nestled between Colombia and Peru, known for its snow-capped mountains, dense rainforest and rich history spanning the ancient Incas and independence via colonial struggle and coups.

Oh. I was thinking of the Julian Assange place. That’s also them. Ecuador has been sheltering the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at its embassy in London for more than a year.

And what’s the latest? They could be about to get their hands on another whistleblower.

That Edward Snowden bloke? Yes, him. Ecuador’s foreign minister, Ricardo Patiño Aroca…

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DIY Blueberry Muffin Soy Candle

Make Something Mondays!

DIY Soy Candle

I’ve wanted to make a soy candle for quite a while. This weekend I picked up some soy that can be microwaved (in case this doesn’t go as planned) and some blueberry muffin scent. I’m pretty excited about this Make Something Mondays 🙂

DIY Soy Candle

Things You Will Need:
Soy wax
Mason Jar

Not pictured: Pot, water, tongs

DIY Soy Candle

Step 1:

Heat up your water. A little less than half of your pot should have water in it. It doesn’t have to boil but it should be close to.

DIY Soy CandleStep 2:

Add some soy to your mason jar.

DIY Soy CandleStep 3:

Using the tongs, pick up your mason jar and put it in the water.

DIY Soy CandleStep 4:

After about 10 mins it will start to melt.

* You might have to add more soy wax to the jar.

DIY Soy CandleStep 5:

When the wax is fully melted take it out of the…

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For the Brotherhood, Morsi’s fall would have a domino effect

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Keeping Egypt’s president in power will send a message to the Arab world, but Islamists will face a tougher battle should the opposition begin labor sanctions


The first battle between the the opposition and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ended in the early hours of Monday morning, when millions of demonstrators slowly dispersed to their homes after a long and bloody night.

According to figures from the Egyptian Health Ministry, 10 people died and 613 were injured during the confrontations that broke out between supporters of the two camps. The most severe clashes were near the Muslim Brotherhood building in the Muqqatam area south of Cairo, where four people were killed, but also in other cities, such as Asyut, Port Said, Al-Mahala, Al-Kubrah, and others.

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Egypt’s Military Issues Ultimatum to President Morsi

Egyptian Streets

Egyptians in Tahrir Square and across Egypt have erupted in cheers following the Military’s statement. In a televised address, Egypt’s Minister of Defence, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, declared that the President has 48 hours to respond to the demands of the Egyptian people. The Minister added that if the time expires and the Minister has not responded to the demands, then Egypt’s Armed Forces will have the duty to intervene.

The Minister started by stating that the Armed Forces will not be a party in politics or leadership, but that the continued atmosphere threatens Egypt’s society and the people. However, the Minister also clearly stated that the Armed Forces will not rule the country, and will instead create a road map in cooperation with all parties, and especially the Egyptian youth, to create a government that represents all Egyptians.

Up to 20 million Egyptians had occupied Egypt’s streets yesterday in…

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