Scores of protesters storm Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Cairo

End Time Bible Prophecy

000 end time bible prophecy Protestors set fire to Muslim Brotherhood headquarters

Opponents of President Mohammed Morsi have attempted to storm the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, the organization’s spokesman has said. Four people have been killed and over 200 injured on Sunday as millions took to the streets.

Violence had been widely anticipated ahead of Sunday’s multi-million-strong countrywide protests against the president on the anniversary of his inauguration, demanding his resignation.

Gehad El-Haddad, the spokesman for the Brotherhood, which nominated Morsi as its candidate ahead of last year’s elections, said several dozen protesters shot at the windows with shotguns, and threw Molotov cocktails and rocks at the building, which had been fortified in recent weeks.

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Smoke Signals

The Slog

smokesigsDisquiet in Downing Street. Many of you will have read about the Digger’s attempt with Abu Dhabi chums to take a crack at buying the FT. The Antipodean porn star no more needs the FT than I need a sixth cranial orifice, but as the poor memory-failed, humble old man is by nature a monopolist, you can see where he’s going re this one: a total grip on all Western financial opinion. Yes, I think I can see Roop’s third nationality-switch looming over the horizon: El Ur’doc of Arabia. Not too sure the flowing robes will suit him, but you never know.

There is nevertheless, I can now confirm, tension in Number Ten – which let’s face it, makes a change from shagging and white powder. For the ‘thinkers’ in there have correctly divined Merdeschlock’s other motive: to destabilise Cameron further by throwing down yet another media market-share gauntlet. In…

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China agrees to South China Sea talks amid new row with Manila

China News

China agreed to hold formal talks with Southeast Asian nations on a plan to ease maritime tensions on Sunday as the Philippines accused it of causing “increasing militarisation” of the South China Sea, one of Asia’s naval flashpoints.

The rebuke by Philippine Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario at a regional summit in Brunei came a day after China’s state media warned of an inevitable “counterstrike” against the Philippines if it continued to provoke Beijing.

Friction between China and the Philippines over disputed territories has surged since last year due to several naval stand-offs as China asserts its vast claims over the oil and gas rich sea.

The heated rhetoric came as both China and the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) claimed progress in efforts to agree a mechanism aimed at defusing naval tensions.

China agreed to hold “official consultations” on a proposed Code of Conduct (CoC) governing…

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New Beer In European Union Is Announced

The European Union (EU) has granted permit to an Austrian brewery to use officially the controversial name of their beer: Fucking Hell. It is a fully legitimate permit.

“Hell” in German means “Light” and the beer is produced in the Austrian town of Fucking.,_Austria

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