All Eyes Soon to Turn to Egypt

Beyond the Cusp

The Arab Spring’s tide of change hit a breakwater in Syria and has been on hold awaiting the resolution of the Syrian Civil War before continuing to wash across the Middle East after sweeping across North Africa. The world placed their attentions initially on Tunisia which experienced change so rapidly that many missed and only caught up when change then came to Egypt. In Egypt it took slightly longer to extract change which also required some external pressures of which the most pronounced was the support from President Obama in the White House went from hot to cold in supporting Mubarak. President Obama finally chose to support change, demand that Mubarak step down and warmed to the Muslim Brotherhood who promised they had no interest in taking power in Egypt. When that promise proved to be less than totally truthful President Obama and those in his Administration showed little concern…

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Why the world loves Palestinians


Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, described the special situation of Palestinian refugees on the recent World Refugee Day:

Unlike other refugees, the Palestinians have their own set of rules, their own funding and even their own international agency, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency or UNRWA. To paraphrase George Orwell, all refugees are equal, but some refugees are more equal than others.

In 2012, the United Nations spent six times more on every Palestinian refugee as compared to all other refugees. Like a favored child, the Palestinians have been on the UN’s permanent payroll for over 60 years and are entitled to every service from healthcare to housing and from food rations to education. When it comes to refugees from Syria or Somalia, responsibility falls to the host country to provide basic assistance.

While UNHCR’s approach teaches independence, UNRWA’s approach prepares the Palestinians to be lifelong dependents…

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I’m a Big Girl Now – Not


Last week,  I had a public tantrum (I. Don’t.Wanna) about not wanting to make an appointment with any of my doctors and enjoying my 4 month hiatus from the medical world.  Click here if you missed it:

I discussed all the substances I need, to ease my chronic pain and threatened anyone who considered taking away my wine and gin.

I decided to act like a big girl and make the phone call to see one of my doctors.  I had my appointment yesterday.

I walked into the office sporting my fancy red-hot neck brace which was supporting my neck, which was supporting my head, with felt like a ton of bricks sitting on my neck (it did however, match my lipstick.)  Have you ever felt that your head was too heavy for your neck to support?  And not because your brain was too big?

I have stenosis…

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Pencil Carvings by Ágoston Birtalan

Make Something Mondays!

It has been pointed out to me that my post Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti is actually the work of Ágoston Birtalan. So, I did some research to make sure it checked out (which it did) and I have updated the previous post with the correct images. Here is the work of Ágoston Birtalan.

I apologize to both artists! You both create amazing work and should be recognized for your own achievements!

Ágoston is a Hungarian artist who creates pencil carvings. His favorite artists are Dalton Ghetti,Mizuta Tasogare,Kato Jado. So, I suppose it is a good thing that i mixed up his work with one if his favorites if I was going to mix it up at all, right?

Hopefully, more info about this artist to come…

Please be sure to check out Ágoston’s Facebook as well!


Pencil Sculptures by Ágoston BirtalanPencil Sculptures by Ágoston BirtalanPencil Sculptures by Ágoston BirtalanPencil Sculptures by Ágoston BirtalanPencil Sculptures by Ágoston BirtalanPencil Sculptures by Ágoston Birtalan

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Outside No 5

Images of China through English Eyes

outside no 5

Outside No 5. Image taken in the lanes of old Shanghai, China. These lanes are sadly disappearing in the name of progress, being replaced by high rise apartment and office blocks, priced out of the reach of the majority but huge profits to be had by the few 😦 The old traditions including bird keeping is still to be seen in the lanes that remain and most of the bird fanciers take their cages to the park each day and stand and watch and listen to their songs in the early morn 🙂 Sometimes I just wish progress would slow down a little so we have time to notice the beauty that is disappearing all too fast.

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