Morsi’s Egypt totters on the edge of an economic black hole

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When the Obama administration stabbed U.S. ally, President Mubarak in the back, to curry favor with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, it surely could not have expected any outcome other than a Muslim Brotherhood victory at the polls. In this sense, President Obama owns the political-economic mess that now threatens to take Egypt down an economic black hole.

President Mohamed Morsi is an ill-educated religious bigot, typical of the Muslim Brotherhood that he now leads in the aftermath of Egypt’s Arab Spring. He has forced a Sharia-based constitution down the throats of the Egyptian people. He has demonstrated supreme incompetence in his attempt to lead a nation of 85 million people into a new era of prosperity. His personal support across the country has fallen from 58 per cent at his election in 2012 to 28 per cent in May 2013.

Having inherited a bloated and inefficient bureaucracy from his predecessor, Morsi…

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Companions of the Wild

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Companions come in many forms, and some people often misunderstand my choice not to have a domesticated animal as a pet.  A free spirit, I travel too often, and it seems insensitive to delegate the care of an animal to someone else when I am absent.   I have the option of distant friendships with companions of the wild.  Enjoy many of the creatures that have watched over me during my time in Central and South America! 

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