Morsi’s Egypt totters on the edge of an economic black hole

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When the Obama administration stabbed U.S. ally, President Mubarak in the back, to curry favor with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, it surely could not have expected any outcome other than a Muslim Brotherhood victory at the polls. In this sense, President Obama owns the political-economic mess that now threatens to take Egypt down an economic black hole.

President Mohamed Morsi is an ill-educated religious bigot, typical of the Muslim Brotherhood that he now leads in the aftermath of Egypt’s Arab Spring. He has forced a Sharia-based constitution down the throats of the Egyptian people. He has demonstrated supreme incompetence in his attempt to lead a nation of 85 million people into a new era of prosperity. His personal support across the country has fallen from 58 per cent at his election in 2012 to 28 per cent in May 2013.

Having inherited a bloated and inefficient bureaucracy from his predecessor, Morsi…

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Companions of the Wild

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Companions come in many forms, and some people often misunderstand my choice not to have a domesticated animal as a pet.  A free spirit, I travel too often, and it seems insensitive to delegate the care of an animal to someone else when I am absent.   I have the option of distant friendships with companions of the wild.  Enjoy many of the creatures that have watched over me during my time in Central and South America! 

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52/2013 Week 26

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Funny old week with a mixture of rain and sun. There have been some sunsets which looked promising then fizzled out to nothing. Take this one. The sun disappeared behind that big bank of cloud near the horizon and in the end the photograph was more about the cloud formation and the reflections.

This is an HDR image, but I have gone back to processing the images using the Merge to HDR plugin for Lightroom from HDRSoft. This is probably the easiest way of creating an HDR image for beginners but I like using the technique because it gives a very clean HDR image without noise.

For a very good tutorial on using the technique, follow this link to Essence in Photography and watch the video’s


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At the End of the Day

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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 1918 –

Tonight, the news seems to be that the indomitable African of our times is rallying yet again. But some time soon, Nelson Mandela is going to die, and the media will be full of laudatory obituaries about this unique man. So before it happens, I thought I’d devote tonight’s piece to a personal take on why he is a truly special man.

Oddly enough, it has little or nothing to do with what he achieved for the black majority in South Africa. And it has even less to do with his early life as a freedom-fighter Communist, because the other side of that coin is that he was also a terrorist. I can think of some circumstances in which I would be violent, and even assassinate people I knew to be persecuting or enslaving my fellow citizens; but I could never be a terrorist, because…

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Staying in Seville: Useful tips & links

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Finding accommodation in Seville is simple with a huge amount of hostels, hotels and the like to fit all budgets. However be aware that prices will increase during Easter week and in the Summer it is very busy, so, consider booking ahead. Below we list a few of the cheapest options, with budget travellers in mind.

Sevilla, Spain (96) - The southern lateral façade of the Catedral de Sevilla, with the walls of the Archivo General de Indias on the left

Feeling Sevilla Hostel(c/ Imaginero Castillo Lastrucci, 8) located a little out of the city and near the bus stations, Feeling Sevilla offers 6 – 12 bed dorms (13 – 14 €), 12 – 14 bed dorms (9.80 €) Double Private (22 €). Benefits include Wi-Fi, a terrace on which to relax and breakfast included.

La Caja Habitada(C/ Credito 20) located outside the city centre but with good connections to all transport links heading in and out of the city. Simple but effective La Caja Habitada offers dorms only (10 – 12…

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