PINCH Martin Tremblay – Human Typography

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Martin Tremblay is a photographer from Montreal, Canada. Also known under the name of Pinch, he shoots fashion, cultural and advertising images. Today we’re featuring a serie where he used human bodies to create a typography. The alphabet with aesthetic and truth seen through the eye of a true artist.


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Lady Macbeth ousted by reincarnated Thane of Fife

Charles Rowley's Blog

In a continuing drama reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Julia (the Red) Gillard has been forced out of office as Australia’s Labor Prime Minister by Kevin Rudd (Crudd to his many enemies), the man whom she ousted from the same office in June 2010. With political blood on both pairs of hands, Punch and Judy both appear to be headed for the knacker’s yard in the upcoming September 14, 2013 general election. A Newspoll survey this week shows Labor trailing the center-right Liberal Nationals by 43 per cent to 57 per cent.

Julia the Red, inevitably, blames her ousting on sexism, though she surely did not claim her 2010 coup on anti-male prejudice. In reality, the current blood-bath is a natural consequence of socialism. As the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher once famously noted: the problem for socialists is that sooner or later they always run out of other people’s money!


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News from Syria

Russell Chapman

I had a long chat this morning with one of my close Syrian contacts. He is always up to date with what is happening behind the scenes and is probably the best connected Syrian in the South. I stayed with him and his family for 2 weeks when I was in Jordan, I know this guy well and he is always very open with me.

I asked him about the situation on the ground. He says that now the war is in an effective stalemate. Neither the government or the rebels have the strength to win. The rebels have pretty much given up on trying to fight in Damascus as it is too well defended and they are lacking the equipment they need to push forward. It is now a situation where each side almost play with each other, taking turns to take and then lose a position but without…

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Arab Spring Entering Arab Winter Redux

Beyond the Cusp

Whether one wishes to credit what is coming in the very near future to the spreading of the Syrian Civil War or the second round of the Arab Spring really makes little difference. Perhaps the best way to approach this is to give a quick review of where each of the nations which made transitions in round one of the Arab Spring currently are and whether or not the Arab Spring blossomed into an Arab Summer of contentment or blasted its way into a cold, hard Arab Winter. In Tunisia the resultant election placed an Islamic governance into power which was heavily leaning on the Muslim Brotherhood to take the helm and lead the nation. This led to steadily increased protests as the people resisted the imposition of religious aligned laws, a sort of Sharia light. The people had expected to have the result to produce a more secular governance…

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BBC confused about Western Wall and Temple Mount

BBC Watch

On June 21st 2013 the BBC News website published an article about an incident which took place at the Western Wall in Jerusalem in which a man was shot by a security guard. The article now appearing on the BBC’s website underwent some interesting changes along the way to its final version. 

This is the original version of the article, as recorded by the News Sniffer website:

WW version 1

Some 35 minutes later, the article was updated to read as follows:

WW version 2

As we see, both versions accurately described the Western Wall as “one of Judaism’s holiest sites” and “part of the retaining wall of the Temple Mount dating back to a time when a Jewish temple stood on the Mount”. Unfortunately, somebody also decided to add the anachronistic term “Wailing Wall”, which is a British invention and is not in contemporary use by those for whom the site has religious or…

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