Breaking Now – Australia Has New Leader – Gillard Beaten In Snap Party Room Poll

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This is barely half an hour ago at around 8PM local Australian time.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, for months now under pressure from former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd this afternoon called for a snap Party Room Poll on who should lead the Australian Labor Party. A short time later, former Prime Minster Kevin Rudd announced that he would be standing for the position of party leader, and by extrapolation Prime Minister of Australia.

At 7PM local time, all Labor parliamentarians, members from both the House of Representatives and The Senate entered the Caucus room to vote on who should lead the party.

An hour later, the result was announced that Kevin Rudd had won the vote with a margin of 57 to 45.

What happens now is anybody’s guess.

A Federal election has already been called for September 24th, but all that is now up in the air.

Rudd O Rama MasterThree years…

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A Protester’s Guide: Simple Tips

Egyptian Streets

On June 30, nationwide protests are planned against Egypt’s President Morsi. Analysts have stated that this could easily rival the number of protesters witnessed during Egypt’s 2011 revolution. So, whether you are protesting against President Morsi, or in support of the President, here are some simple tips that each person going to demonstrate should keep in mind.

  1. Do not go alone. Let your friends and family know where you are going and with who. Ensure they have phone numbers of friends who are joining you in case your phone dies. If you leave without any notice, your family and friends will panic, and this would make it much harder for them to find you if you are arrested or are in an accident.

  2. Search where the demonstration is being held and make note of potential emergency exits and alternate routes in case any dangerous situation arises. When you get to…

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Britain leads the world in bank reform

Charles Rowley's Blog

During the 2008 financial crisis, the governments of Britain and the United States failed the test that confronted them. Many of their largest banks had leveraged themselves excessively in mortgage securities and confronted bankruptcy as the U.S. housing market bubble finally burst.

The rational solution to such mis-behavior was to allow the die to fall where it may, specifically to allow insolvent banks to go under and thereby to cleanse an unhealthy financial sector of its least worthy members. The governments led by Prime Minister Gordon Brown (the Scottish cyclops), and President George W Bush (the compassionate conservative) lacked the moral courage to allow free markets to do their work, and introduced the concept of ‘too big to fail’ into the English language.

Since that policy nadir, Britain has forged ahead of the United States with respect to bank reform, as U.S. politicians, from president down to most lowly…

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Obama’s Enormous Climate Lies

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caruba_alan20080111By Alan Caruba ~Obama - Liar2

Putting aside Obama’s intention to further reduce our nuclear arsenal as articulated in his June 19 speech in Berlin, he has solidified his position as the World’s Greatest Liar with his statements about climate change, aka global warming, which he called “the global threat of our time.”

Let us stipulate that the global threat of our time is the rise of Islamic fanaticism in its pursuit of a worldwide caliphate. It threatens some six billion of the world’s population that represent other faiths. It is on the rise throughout the Middle East and into northern Africa’s Maghreb. It has cells in South America and it threatens the lives of millions of Americans if the jihadists acquire nuclear arms.

Obama MedalRegarding the President’s call for nuclear disarmament, veteran journalist Bill Gertz observed that “The president is using a new term to support his earlier disarmament call back in…

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Ahmadinejad’s future hangs in the balance



by Asharq Alawsat English

London, —Abdollah Haj-Sadeghi, a representative of Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), has reportedly revealed that outgoing president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with the supreme leader three times to plead the case of Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, his favored aide and confidant. According to the Jahan news website, the meetings took place during the three-week period between the Guardian Council’s decision to disqualify Mashaei from the presidential elections and the poll held on June 14.

President Ahmadinejad is reported to have petitioned Ayatollah Khamenei to issue a sovereign ruling overruling the Guardian Council’s disqualification of Mashaei on three separate occasions, but was rebuffed each time.

Ayatollah Khamenei refused to act in favor of the outgoing president and his favored candidate. During a meeting with Friday prayer imams one day before the Guardian Council’s verdict, Khamenei emphasized that he would not interfere in…

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The Positive Side to Syria

Beyond the Cusp

Everyone around President Obama, the Pentagon, State Department and anywhere else that the news of the horrors taking place in Syria and the neighboring nations has reached are seeking desperately to find anything positive, anything the slightest bit positive. The main root of the difficulty is that any hope of something positive that might be salvaged from the Syrian Civil War disappeared once it ceased being solely a Syrian conflict and became a regional conflict which threatens to spread and engulf the entire Middle East. Since the Syrian Civil War morphed into a greater struggle for preeminence of the Muslim World between the Shiites and Sunnis, there has raised growing demonstrations throughout Turkey demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Erdogan. These are not the typical demonstrations that have been witnessed in the past where the Kurds were demanding human rights and independence. These demonstrators are mostly Shiites and there have…

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Ancient Egyptian statue at Manchester Museum moves on its own, stumped curator says

End Time Bible Prophecy

Egyptologist Campbell Price recorded the Neb-Senu statue’s baffling 180-degree movement.


The pharaoh’s curse has struck again.

A millenia-old, 10-inch-tall statuette has Manchester Museum employees stumped after it did a total 180-degree turn without anyone touching it.

Part of the English museum’s collection since 1933, the mystery of the Neb-Senu statute’s diurnal movement has curator Campbell Price scratching his head. After first noticing it in February, the Egyptologist set up a video camera to record the statue.

“I noticed one day that it had turned around,” he told the Manchester Evening News. “I thought it was strange because it is in a case and I am the only one who has a key. I put it back but then the next day it had moved again. We set up a time-lapse video, and although the naked eye can’t see it, you can clearly see it rotate on the film.”


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