Another obstacle to peace the BBC will not report

BBC Watch

As we recently noted, the BBC has refrained from informing its audiences about the terrorist-run summer camps in the Gaza Strip in which tens of thousands of children are indoctrinated with hatred towards their neighbours and encouraged to believe that Israel will cease to exist. 

Like many of the Western voices which – with comic regularity – inform us that time is running out for a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the BBC endeavours to keep public focus on the issue of Israeli building plans rather than facing up to the fact that supporters of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups have absolutely no interest in an outcome in which two countries exist peacefully side by side. In addition to ignoring that sizeable proportion of public opinion on the Palestinian street, the BBC also ignores the glorification of terror by Israel’s so-called ‘moderate peace partners’ in…

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N. Korean camp survivor urges world’s attention

BRUSSELS (JTA) — When guards dragged Shin Dong-hyuk from his North Korean cell in 1995, he was pretty sure the end was near.

Dong-hyuk, then just 13, was born in the prison known as Camp 14, not far from Pyongyang. Camp 14 is part of a network of political prisons believed to be the largest in the world, where an estimated 150,000 dissidents and their families live in conditions reminiscent of Holocaust-era concentration camps.

As he was brought to the camp’s execution field, Dong-hyuk realized he wasn’t the one due to be killed that day — it was his mother and brother. The boy calmly watched the executions, he says now, having been brainwashed into believing his family members deserved to die. After all, he was the one who had turned them in.


Week One: Extremes

Bookworm on the loose

In a few hours I will have been in Monrovia for exactly one week, a thought that is on the one hand exciting and on the other hand terrifying. I will only be here for less than eight weeks, and it is crazy to think that one of them has already passed! I have met a lot of new people, expats and Liberians alike, and seen a lot of the city – though of course there is still a lot to be explored. In some ways this week has been a study in extremes – both activity and boredom; and as many people have observed both wealth and poverty. Let me explain.

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