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Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Go here goes the big reveal.. 😀 it’s really not that exciting yet… Yet is the key word. Preface: the texture I’ve just done is no “happy accident” as is sometimes called in abstract painting.
I have a huge array of palette knives which allow a great deal of control over the where and how of my medium. Keep in mind this is just texture no color yet. Techniques being used a form of Coral style and a form of feather or fire style.

Again big piece bad angle some close ups ought to explain a bit though.


With this piece I’ve used a 3″ teardrop knife all the way down to a 1/2″ diamond style knife. After the piece is 100% dry I will go in with glazes, micro layering and brushes if needed using a combination of yellows,reds and dark purple. To give you an idea of what…

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Arafat Jaradat and the torture of Palestinian prisoners that the Guardian won’t report

In late February, the Guardian devoted six separate news items (three stories and three photo posts) to the death of a Palestinian – named Arafat Jaradat – in an Israeli jail.  The stories, which all portrayed Jaradat and his ’cause’ in a sympathetic light, focused on baseless allegations by the PA that Jaradat, an Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade member who was arrested for terror activity, died as the result of torture – claims which were contradicted by the autopsy performed by Israel’s top forensic pathologists. 

Here are the Guardian’s reports:

Item 1 (Phoebe Greenwood)


Item 2 (Associated Press)


Item 3 (Phoebe Greenwood)


Items 4 and 5: (Two photos relating to Jaradat from the same Feb. 25 edition of the Guardian’s ‘Picture Desk Live’)

1 and a half

1 and a half part 2

Item (Picture Desk Live, Feb. 26)

Though the PA’s claims of torture received significant coverage, subsequent reports (only a few days later)…

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At the End of the Day

The Slog

We have had the plague of toads and field rats drowning in the pool, but now it’s getting warmer, we have the Flies that Like Mouths and Noses. This species appear in massive swarms every June, and their sole purpose in life seems to be the close examination of human breathing tracts. I have also decided over the years that they’re deaf, because no matter how many times one rather pointlessly shouts “F**k off!” at them, they keep coming back for more. In a couple of weeks time, it’ll be the turn of the Flies that Like Biting Ankles.  It gets positively biblical here at times.

One heart-rending sight I’ve experienced twice now in the last three days is that of a bird with an injured wing hopping and flopping about on the floor, running in panic to the safety of the hedge whenever one approaches. What twists the knife…

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In Summery

Morgan Rana Photography

I’m ready for Summer. I love all of the seasons but Summer is definitely my favourite. It’s warm (in theory), bright and the days used to feel like they’d last forever. Summers seem much briefer now though than when I was growing up. I’m usually busy working, having to grab a few fleeting moments of the long days before they’re gone again. It’s not all bad, as it means I appreciate them all the more.

I thought I’d give myself a head start with some of my favourite images from this summer so far and those that make me think of summers past. What does Summer mean to you? If you have one photo which makes you think of Summer, what is it?


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Prince William: Like father, like son?

There is a Father’s Day saying: ”Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys.’’ As Prince William (along with most of the country) waits nervously this Father’s Day for Kate to feel that first twinge of a contraction, it’s worth remembering that almost 31 years ago Prince Charles was doing exactly the same in the last few weeks of Diana’s first pregnancy.

To many people’s surprise, Charles turned out to be a rather good father – in very difficult circumstances. He had a volatile and unhappy marriage, an acrimonious and public divorce, and Diana was then shockingly killed when William and Harry were 15 and 12. Any of these things could have damaged them both irreparably and sent them dangerously off the rails. But they didn’t. You just have to look at William and Harry today – confident, caring, well-grounded, hardworking – and the warmth of their relationship with Charles, to know that he got it more or less right.


Woolwich outrage: we are too weak to face up to the extremism in our midst

Woolwich outrage: we are too weak to face up to the extremism in our midst

Despite the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, David Cameron has failed to act against Islamist terrorism

Flowers laid in trirbute to Drummer Lee Rigby. ‘This act of blatant, total barbarism on an English street in broad daylight shocked every decent person, but not quite enough’ Photo: WILL WINTERCROSS

By Charles Moore8:08PM BST 14 Jun 2013121 Comments It is less than a month since Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich, yet already the incident feels half-forgotten. In terms of the legal process, all is well. Two men have been charged. There will be a trial. No doubt justice will be done. But I have a sense that the horror felt at the crime is slipping away.

The media, notably the BBC, quickly changed the subject. After a day or two focusing on the crime itself, the reports switched to anxiety about the “Islamophobic backlash”. According to Tell Mamma, an organisation paid large sums by the Government to monitor anti-Muslim acts, “the horrendous events in Woolwich brought it [Islamophobia] to the fore”. Tell Mamma spoke of a “cycle of violence” against Muslims.


Rupert Murdoch has an unusual belief in family values

Charles Rowley's Blog

This week Rupert Murdoch filed divorce papers on his third wife, Wendi Deng. At the same time, the newspaper mogul showed the exit door to David Devoe, News Corporation’s chief financial officer for the past 23 years. These two family dismissals are all the more surprising because at the same time, Rupert Murdoch reminded Australian investors of the constant factor in his personal and corporate life: ‘News Corp retains the Aussie spirit of a family company.’

Wendi Deng is Rupert’s third wife. She married him in 1999 and is the mother of two of his children. At 44 years of age, Wendi is in perfect shape and stunningly beautiful. He is a decrepit-looking 38 years her senior. Rupert was in such poor physical condition some two years ago when he was physically attacked during a Parliamentary Committee hearing, that he failed to defend himself. Valiantly, Wendi floored his attacker with…

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