The Unites States should not meddle in Syria

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In a world grounded on the concept of sovereign nation states – and that is essentially the world since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 – nation states should consider circumspectly before deciding to intervene in the affairs of another nation. Specifically, they should consider only the interests of their own citizens. And by interest, I mean narrow interest, revolving around the lives, liberties and properties of their people. They should also reflect carefully as to whether any form of intervention feasibly can affect those interests in a favorable direction, with the benefits outweighing the costs of such intervention.

From this perspective, a case can be made ex ante that military intervention by the United States in Iraq was justified. There was a reasonable expectation that Saddam Hussein had stockpiled weapons of mass destruction and that he was prepared to use such weapons against direct United States interests. There was…

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Chinese Coffee

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How about Chinese Coffee everyone?

Chinese Coffee – Al Pacino


  • Al Pacino is one of my favorite Hollywood actors.  I am sure you will enjoy this film as much as I did 🙂


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Al Pacino
Alfredo James “Al” Pacino is an American film and stage actor and director. He is famous for playing mobsters, including Michael Corleone in The Godfather trilogy and Tony Montana in Scarface, though …Wikipedia
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During my China Tour with my friend and 2 beautiful Chinese women 🙂

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Always remember in time like this, wherever you are, whatever you do, I am always with you in Coffee Spirit 

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Plunge into the Yungas

notes from camelid country

Awe inspiring. There is no other way to describe the journey from La Paz to Coroico. The road winds out of La Paz to the mountain pass of La Cumbre; it snakes between snow-capped mountains at a breathless 4800 metres in altitude; it plunges 3600m downwards, taking in a series of hairpin bends and tunnels, before reaching the crystal clear waters of Rio Huarinilla in the valley floor. It then climbs several hundred metres upwards to reach Coroico.

If the small, sleepy village of Coroico defies logic by balancing impossibly on the side of a mountain, the change of landscape, flora and fauna from the high altiplano to the Yungas is even more dramatic. You literally go from ice-capped mountains outside La Paz to the humid, sub-tropical forested hills with colourful birds and butterflies surrounding Coroico…in less than two and a half hours. Its an amazing journey.

The road we…

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The Law Garden. . . Kitsch and Glitter in Ahmedabad’s Night Market



If you have been paying attention, with this post, I have now shared round the clock market shopping opportunities for you to explore in my Indian  home away from home. As the  name implies, the address is the garden and nearby Law College.  It began about 40 years ago, when a poor man from the country set up  to sell  trinkets from his village to provide for his family. Ah…another entrepreneur!  More sellers came, as did tourists and food vendors.  Now it is a popular spot for tourists and Indians alike.  Image

Image The city improved the garden,  discouraged  unquestionable people and practices in order  to provide for a family friendly atmosphere. There are even camel rides available for the children.  Ahmadabad provided services  and tidied up the area to encourage business. Hmm, big debate in New York as I type,  Governor Cuomo wants to encourage new businesses with  lower  taxes…

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