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In this ancient city of  Varanasi, (Benaras, Kashi) sacred bulls can be seen walking up  and down the stairs (ghats) to access the Gangi for drinking water and bathing.

Namaste. . . . .T I I

image from Google Public Domain

This post and this picture along with a post on Mr. Modi have been my most popular. I am including my very long post and video on Veransi.  It is my favorite place in all of India! It is for those of you who have time and an interest in faith systems around the world. India is multi- layered and complex society as is Hinduism , the  main religion of this amazing country.

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Thanks for Asking and Israel is Doing Just Fine

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Virtually every single hour of every day there are numerous governments, organizations, agencies, assemblies and other assorted interests inquiring as to what, why, how, where, and even if Israel is up to, committing, planning, revealing, building, planting, reaping, and almost every other inging imaginable. Nowhere else in the world is subjected to such close inspection and the Israelis are so happy that so many people are concerned but even Israel can have difficulty with the world showing so much love, or consideration, or consternation, or whatever it is the world is showing. We would like to assure every single entity that Israel takes all the helpful comments, suggestions, advisories, critiques, reports, proposals, and even demands into consideration and gives them the full weight they are due. Where Israel does not wish to be disrespectful of all the kind efforts from all over the world but could we please ask everyone…

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