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Growing up just thirty-five miles from Charlottesville in Virginia, spending graduate school years with my husband, and having my son graduate,  I hardly had a choice.  Everything was Mr. Jefferson this or that.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Charlottesville and all that is Jefferson.  When my husband was there in grad school for architecture, I encouraged him to learn as much as he could about Jefferson.  Being young and foolish, he was all about contemporary design and had little time for the history.  Now , of course, I have been proven correct. He is writing about  the amazing academical village and innovative plans and ideas Mr. Jefferson had in  building his university.

The older I get , the more I admire Jefferson.  He was not a perfect man  just like the rest of us. It is comforting to know that a man of such brilliance, insight of ideas, and…

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At the End of the Day

The Slog

gargscropScientists at the Lucerne Institute of Ongoing Forward Evolutionary Studies have produced this mock-up of how Conservative Party whips may evolve once David Cameron has been replaced. Avid followers of such things will have spotted that Lord Arseshaft has produced yet more research to show that King Dave of Camerlot is a liability. I would imagine that anyone whose sole flaw involves being a harmlessly unprincipled Toff is going to be a liability if one is trying to establish Government by Gargoyles. The Lucerne boffins have also modelled what a post-Cameron Prime Minister might resemble, but the image was deemed too frightening for The Slog’s family audience.


googprivGCHQ tonight appealed for privacy while it investigates whether ISP and other internet stakeholders have been privately invading the secrecy of dangerous citizens.

Google Oberstürmbannführer Erik von Schittfürbrains told shareholders that he would “vigorously defend Google’s inalienable right to reveal secrecy wherever…

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Sounds Israeli: Yuval Dayan

Yuval Dayan was discovered in the 2012 season of the Israeli show,The Voice, and her latest single, (לאסוף) Le’esof, released last month, has quickly climbed the Israeli charts.

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The Boob Report IV – Coming Out of the Haze

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

after surgeryWell that was a huge load off my chest. Sorry. I’ve been dying to tell that joke. I have to make up for lost time. Life has been a little on the wild side since my bilateral mastectomy.

I will be posting a huge thank you to everyone, but I want the fog to lift a little more.  You are all the very best!  Here’s my update:

I have been in a Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze since the surgery. Dreamless sleep took up most of the first few days. In a slow motion ADD-like state, I would wake up and notice a cloud outside my window. With a growling stomach, I would start to roll out of bed, (the most painful movement of all), then I would give up and lay back down, check my email on my phone, notice a cloud outside my window, hit a few likes on…

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Waking up

The Slog

newdawnWanted: 1 new dawn

America’s growth continues to stutter, and China has accepted the need to consolidate. Together – especially the latter – they leave Australia with nowhere to go, and no way to grow. Faith in the eurozone is draining away, and ClubMed bond yields are spiking again. Draghi at the ECB takes less and less notice of German debt hysteria, and the Franco-German rapprochement upon which the EU was based is crumbling rapidly. If Greece defaults, French banks will fall over. If Spain does, Deutsche Bank will disintegrate. If any of those events occur, the carnage on madly over-leveraged Wall St will be bloody indeed.

QE hasn’t had any lasting economic effect in the USA or Great Britain. Monetary austerity in Europe has halted growth and is destroying ClubMed. Subordination of bondholders and depositor haircuts have scared all the risk capital out of the eurozone….a fact which, incredibly…

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BBC self-censors on gay rights in Middle East

BBC Watch

On June 7th 2013 Tel Aviv’s annual Gay Pride Week – now in its fifteenth year – culminated in a festival attended by over 100,000 participants who were addressed by the city’s mayor and representatives from five political parties among others. 

The BBC ignored the event completely, with no reporting on the Middle East page of its website or in the ‘In Pictures’ features for that day or that week

One brief reference to the event was, however, to be found at the bottom of a strangely headlined article concerning the arrest of suspects in the investigation into the shooting at the Bar Noar (not “Bar Noah” as stated in the BBC article) LGBT youth club in 2009 which – contrary to the headline’s implication – appears at this stage not to have been motivated by anti-gay sentiment on the part of the perpetrators.  

HP BAr Noar arrests

Bar Noar article

“The arrests came on…

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Sunset(s) and Spanish wine

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Time is such a strange and relative thing. As I sit and write these words in my night it seems so odd. As I think of China it’s 2pm tomorrow as I write this 2am east coast time USA. 7am tomorrow in the UK. I find it all a bit perplexing at times, really.
The summer sun has come to warm the nights and chase away the morning chills.
Summer so often finds us full of travel and time with the ones we love but as also true
It is the equal partner winter, summer brings change. The anticipation of the school year, new homes, places and faces. I have no words tonight just images of the past. What ever time it is where you are, I hope you are well, that life has given you more than it’s taken away.

The egg and the orb, I timeless story…

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