An insight.

Russell Chapman

When the Assad regime recently took control of the road between Daraa and the Jordanian border from the FSA the Jordanians offered to supply ammunition to the FSA ( Free Syria Army) The problem was that when they, the FSA, tested the ammo it was mixed with tracer bullets, the type that leave a streak of light when you fire them. A great way to give away your position to the other side, basically they were betrayed. Behind all of this is a defected Colonel from the Syrian regime, Achmed al Namah, he is the leader of the so called ‘Military Council’, which is based in Amman, Jordan. The only thing is, he has no interest in anyone but himself and is actively working with Jordan to weaken as much as possible the FSA for his benefit, Jordan is also using him to their benefit. It was he, through Jordan…

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