Escape to the Beach!

Zeebra Designs & Destinations

Leaving the house before sunrise often rewards me with an amazing show of color!  Rarely am I disappointed;  instead all of my senses awaken as I rejoice in total immersion in nature.

Do you agree that Playa San Miguel is surely one of the loveliest beaches in Costa Rica?   I escaped from my slumber and trekked down the beach in anticipation of dawn.

This post is for  two challenges:  Let’s Be Wild’s The Beachas well as WordPress’s Escape.

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Manners Matter


I remember my mother once told me… be polite and nice to others.

Well this is an example of why manners matter:

At a Coffe shop:

“Being educated, makes the difference”

One coffe: $40

One coffe please: $30

Good Morning, one coffe please: $20

What’s your pick?

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RAF Bicester Unlocked

Geometry & Silence

Walking into the buildings at RAF Bicester in 2013 is like entering a time capsule back to the second world war. RAF Bicester was part of Bomber Command in WW2 being used mainly for training. The RAF left in 1976 and most of the buildings have been left untouched since. The site is of architectural and historical importance being the most complete and untouched example of such a collection of buildings most having being built in the 1920’s. The site contains a number of listed buildings and scheduled monuments.

What I found fascinating about the site as a photographic subject is that the decay and abandonment have added new layers of meaning to the utilitarian buildings so the impression today is an intriguing mix of the evocative and the impenetrable.

In May 2013 the site was sold to Bicester Heritage who kindly gave me permission to photograph the site…

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Secure Roads From Rock Terror Before Worry Over Price Tag

Beyond the Cusp

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni is once again putting the cart before the horse. She is making a grand display of where her heart lies and it is not with the victims of real terrorism but with a phantom crime which has yet to produce all that many solid arrests, let alone actually taken lives. The vast majority of so-called “Price Tag” crimes have never been solved while those that have produced a perpetrator were found to have been committed in a set-up by Arabs trying to place blame on neighboring Jews for a self-inflicted crime. Yet this same justice and law enforcement system which expends inordinate amounts of manpower and investigative hours chasing phantoms and detaining innocent Jewish youth from the communities in Judea and Samaria only to have to release them due to lack of evidence while not arresting those hurling deadly, life-threatening projectiles including large rocks and fire-bottle-bombs…

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Toni Braxton- Please Music Passion

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe



I know you watchin

All over here,
Tryin’ to find a way to
Come undo my situation
But you should know this:
It’s all good to be cool
Tell your girl I don’t care to fight
I got him locked, and he’s all mine
So you should know better than
To think that you could ever put it down like I can
Cuz’ if he needs good lovin’ (I’ve got it)
If I need to heat it up (I got fire),
Make sure I’m the best (for him) for (sure)
He’s runnin’ home to me for it
And he knows whatever he wants (that I’m with it)
And he knows the perfect place (to come get it)
And he knows that every woman is in me
Fall back and just let me be
I gots to breathe (uh huh, uh huh, uh huh)
Please (uh huh, uh huh…

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Happy Birthday

Think of nothing

May 17th is Norwegian constitution day. Everyone say ‘happy birthday’ to each other and eat sausages and ice cream. The royal family waves from the balcony of the royal palace (the yellow building in the background of the picture) and people suit up. Check out the folk costumes in the crowd (and if you wish to know more about the traditional Norwegian clothing, click the following link: BUNAD >>)

Nice day!

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An interesting use of the word ‘missiles’ by the BBC

BBC Watch

The BBC News website’s Middle East page included two items on the same subject on May 17th. A written article entitled “Ultra-Orthodox Jews in mass protest against Israel army draft” was accompanied by a filmed television news report titled “Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest at forced military service plan“. 

Demo giyus 16 5

Why the BBC considers this internal Israeli issue worthy of so much coverage is not clear, but the two articles are interesting in that they show something of the BBC’s monochrome grasp of the subject of the many varied religious streams in Israel.

The narration accompanying the filmed report states:

“Ultra-Orthodox Jews are currently exempt from military service on religious grounds. They say it would harm their way of life. But it’s an issue which causes tension between them and Israel’s secular majority.” 

The majority of viewers watching that report would remain unaware of the fact that many religiously…

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Night Music

Images of China through English Eyes

Night Music

The two musicians played long into the night for three nights, keeping the villagers and wedding party guests entertained with traditional Chinese folk songs, wedding songs and songs of love. The tarpaulin kept them dry and the single bulb gave them some light. Simple but effective in all ways 🙂

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Smoke signals

The Slog

smokesigs  Sally Bercow ‘expected to lose to McAlpine’ say legal sources. Overheard in various eateries, bars and chambers in recent days: that Mrs Bercow’s lawyers have made something of a cod’s arse of the libel suit being brought against her by Lord Alfred ‘Cousin? What cousin?’ McAlpine.

The consensus is that “she should have won, with better (and rather obvious) arguments being applied….as opposed to the ones that were”.

Sources think the verdict will come next week. We pray that the Forces of Darkness will not secure a victory.

‘Former Cabinet Minister to be arrested’. I shrink from posting this, but I’ve now had a threader, an emailer and an MSM hack tell me that an Elm House regular will have his collar felt in the next few days. Every time this rumour pops up, rising expectancy is cancelled out by yet another arrest of somebody aged 102 who groped…

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