Traveling Solo: Pasadena, California

Bookworm on the loose

Sometimes it feels necessary to get away, whether that’s traveling in the traditional sense of the word or simply leaving your daily routine behind for a couple of days or even a just a few hours. A few weeks ago, feeling more than a little stir crazy after spending weeks on my college campus (in spite of the notoriously wonderful Southern California weather), I decided to break away and go on a mini adventure. I’d like to blame my travels throughout South America last semester on this need to get away and explore. On campus everything is extremely familiar; my first year was still exciting because I was still in the process of getting to know how the campus worked and where everything was. I admit that there is still plenty to learn – I will probably never know it all – but being on campus has certainly lost…

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Obama Breeds Rebellion Among The States

PA Pundits - International

caruba_alan20080111By Alan Caruba ~NULLIFICATION

The resistance to Obamacare is writing a new chapter in U.S. history. It may well become the most unpopular law since Prohibition became an Amendment to the Constitution in 1919. By 1933, another Amendment repealed it.

Obamacare passed by a straight Democratic party vote on Christmas Eve in 2009. No Republican voted for it and, as one poll recently revealed, a third of Americans are still unaware it is the law of the land. A divided Supreme Court gave it a pass, calling it a tax, but it is a profoundly unconstitutional law insofar as the federal government may not pass a law that requires Americans to purchase something and to fine them if they do not. It is also playing havoc with the economy, delaying recovery as it deters hiring and encourages firing.

Nonetheless, a number of states have gone on record seeking to nullify…

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Studio Update 5/11/13

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Goooood afternoon/evening & tomorrow for some of you AU time travelers. It’s actually been my first more than 1/2 pleasant day since I got back from my trip. Yay -confetti falls from the sky- really damn it’s about time so Hi, how’s it going ya wanna see 😉 I’ll show ya….. Maybe, ok you talked me into it come on.., lets go to the studio first lets look at some of the tiny little pieces:

Awe look its so cute little 10″x 14″ panel. But shhhhh don’t tell anybody it’s a finger painting.. What you say? Well yes, I did about 80% of this piece with my little pigs, yes the same ones that went to the market.., those guys.
Oh and what do we have here???

It’s a … Thing, yep you’ve guessed it its a …. Thing “Deconstruction the illusion”
This piece is tired it’s been sleeping, still…

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Obama and the Middle East Dilemma

Beyond the Cusp

While everyone stares at the ever shifting, ever blurring Syrian Chemical Weapons red line which is now befuddling the White House, the Syrian civil war continues to wind on and on eventually to determine who will prove supreme, bad or worse. There is no good side to choose in this fight. It now comes down to Assad backed by Iran and Hezballah, the Syrian Free Army which is backed largely by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the al Nusra Front which represents al-Qaeda and even should Bashar Assad be toppled there will still be Hezballah allied with the IRGC guerilla forces attempting to preserve the influence of their Iranian masters. As far as the United States is concerned there is no actual good guy for them to back though President Obama has appeared to have a soft spot for the Muslim Brotherhood in the past.


The one democratic country which…

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Sleepy El Castillo, centre of an eighteenth century global conflict

notes from camelid country

Its difficult to imagine as you stroll down the ‘main street’ of El Castillo, but in the seventeenth and eighteenth century this village was at the centre of a global conflict between competing European nations that saw bloody battles between English fleets and Spanish defenders. The reason for those conflicts was a fortress built by the Spanish to prevent pirates from sailing up the Rio San Juan from the Caribbean to attack the fabulously wealthy city of Granada.

Granada was sacked and looted three times by pirates between 1655 and 1670, including famously by the Welsh pirate, Henry Morgan. In response, the Spanish built a fort on a bend in the Rio San Juan between two sets of rapids that slowed ships down and allowed the fort to train its cannons on them.

The site is spectacular. From the battlements you can see for miles down the river and over the…

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THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Elite metal fatigue and growing citizen resolve preface the beginning of the end.

The Slog

American QE and European debt fantasy are on the way out.

Although the eventual (and richly deserved) crucifixion of Monetarist Friedmanism is still some time away, I remain – based on the datastreams coming in – more certain than ever that the pace of nailing hands to wood is accelerating. And as there’s been a glut of such evidence in the last few days, I thought I’d comment on it.

For the past two years now, The Slog has been saying we’re are at the edge of disaster, and been wrong. Hohoho, oh how we laughed. Except that my answer from day one of this farrago of lies from the authorities has remained exactly the same. The only thing I got wrong was one assumption: that the sheer weight of lies, obfuscation, illegal subordination, money-printing, ‘market stimulation’ and then stealing could ever wind up being at the level it was…

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Greetings Humans

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

We’ve played this game before can anyone guess what painting this is?
Maybe a little challenge, mmmm, well?

I’ve been cleaning the studio and drawing a bit this afternoon

The sketch on the left is Mr.Wiggles 😉
And the sketch on the right is Sir Stone face and he’s chatting with Mr.Wiggles but you can’t tell because Mr. S well his lips don’t move. I have been working on this piece today

But I’m not going to share it just yet sorry :-P.
Okay well it’s a beautiful day here in the epic ( not ) town of Salem I hope all of you have been enjoying yourselves today. I’ll update in a bit from the studio.
Much love and iced tea.

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