Hunting Colours in the Rain

Think of nothing

Rainy day in Oslo - graffiti

I’ve been carrying my camera around with me the last couple of days, as I always do, but I haven’t shot a single picture. The world isn’t very inspiring these days, so I decided to change that. I gave myself a mission…

I got home dripping wet, and not entirely happy with the day. But not entirely unhappy either… After all, I found these guys:

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Should Israel’s Security be Sacrificed at the Altar of ‘Regional Stability’?

This is a guest post by Gidon Ben Zvi

Check out the front page of Monday’s (May 6th, 2013) edition of The Guardian and your hair will be blown back by this scorching headline: “Syria Accuses Israel of Declaring War”. The fact that The Guardian chose to legitimise the Syrian narrative is a relatively minor nuisance in an article that effectively intertwines one nation’s right to self-defence with the looming threat of a wider regional conflict. 

The article, written by Julian Borger and Joel Greenberg, does not deny the Israeli version of events leading up to the recent air strikes against military targets around Damascus. Rather, and much more insidiously, the piece draws an incongruous parallel between terrorism’s enablers and the chief regional check against its expansion.

First, The Guardian quotes an Iranian army ground forces commander as saying that, “Iran was ready to train…

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Michael Totten takes on a BBC headline

BBC Watch

In the all too uniform world of Middle East-focused journalism produced by Western writers, Michael Totten stands out as a rare exception to the rule. Few can claim his level of insight into the way the region works and in particular his understanding ofthe dynamics at work in Lebanon

Below is an excerpt from one of his recent articles.

“It’s a simple to understand formula: Always point the finger at Israel. If a different enemy deserves blame instead, accuse them of collaboration with Israel. When Israel is clearly responsible (as it was in this case), accuse your enemies of collaboration with Israel just because and for extra credit. […]

Assad is especially adept at this game. Everyone, especially journalists who quote people for a living, needs to understand that. Yet they don’t. The BBC let Assad write their headline. Israeli strikes on Syria ‘co-ordinated with terrorists it says. That’s…

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An Open Letter to Prince Harry

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Dear Prince Harry,

It has come to my attention that you will be visiting our fair state this weekend. As your motorcade drives to Colorado Springs from DIA, I am sure you will be struck by the impressive beauty of the Front Range and the Rocky Mountains.


You will be attending the 2013 Warrior Games. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, “The teams compete in seven sports – archery, cycling, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, track and field, and wheelchair basketball. The event is designed to help the recovery of the 260 wounded, ill, and injured servicemen and women participating.” You will be a spectator at the Olympic Training Center for a volleyball exhibition on Saturday and a cycling competition at Falcon Stadium on Sunday.

These are all well worth your time and yet a thought occurred to me. After traveling thousands of miles across the world for these wonderful events…

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Studio Sale*Upcoming**

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

I’m happy to announce that from May 18th thru May 30
I will be offering Free Shipping and Free Custom Frames with all original art.
North America only sorry. World wide free shipping on prints is standard. Also a little sneak peak into the mind of me I am beginning to compile my writings and throughout the rest of the year will be writing a short bookish thing about my life as a latch key kid, teenaged rebel, loving father,eccentric painter and the struggles of dealing with and maintaining a life with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease.
For those of you interested in Free stuff nows the time to put in your orders




See Gallery Section for pricing on all available originals or the print shop for current selections.
Hope all have had a great day.
Much love

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BREAKING: Stuart Hall, Bill Roache and Owen Oyston linked to top Tory dirty tricks history

The Slog

Why did Barbara Hewson choose now to enter the debate so controversially?

The charges, motives, political figures, police victimisation, local government corruption and legal ramifications of the Great Celebrity Distraction Campaign took a sensational turn overnight. Further Slog desk research and Slogger informants have together presented a picture bearing all the thumbprints of the Secret State and the Conservative Party at the highest level.

hewsonTrawling the internet this afternoon, it was pretty hard to miss the Tsunami of comment about top lawyer Barbara Hewson’s (left) remarks on the subject of solving Britain’s paedophile problem. Just as new Bank of England governor Mark Carney thinks the solution to our export problem is to take Sterling down to parity with the Zimbabwean toenail, so too Ms Hewson thinks the way to eradicate kiddy-fiddling perversion is to lower the age of consent to 13.

I’m unsure as to whether Ms Hewson is merely…

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